A Winter Love Story

Angel Topperton is a normal 14 year old girl. Her mother owns a small equestrian centre, in the heart of Snowdelfia. She cares for the other horses, including her seven year old sister’s Welsh section D gelding, Jellybean . But when an emergency horse comes along, will she take her on?


1. Before she came ...

Angel Topperton led Jellybean into the indoor school. Her sister, Lily, closed the gate behind them. It was snowing outside as usual, so they had to go into the huge indoor school, they couldn't really go into the outside school which they had planned. 

"Walk on" Angel said gently to Jellybean. He lifted his hoof of the ground slightly, then put it back down. Angel moved the lunge whip slightly, and he started to walk. Really, at six in the morning, Jellybean couldn't be bothered to work. He would normally be in his stable sleeping. But Lily had entered a local show jumping competition just down the road, so he had no choice to sleep. 

"And Trot!" Angel said, gently but a little louder than before. He trotted elegantly in large circles. Lily was watching him carefully, just to check that he was okay. Angel kept her eye on him too, she didn't feel in the mood for being kicked if he bolted in canter. He seemed fine. "And CANTER" She said, trying to hide her nerves of getting hurt.

He cantered well, then slowed to a sudden halt. Angel and Lily gave him an odd look. He slowly walked over to the gate and ate some hay he spotted when he was avoiding getting dizzy. Angel unclipped the lunge line, and Lily put the lead rope back on him. She led him back to his stable for a groom and feed. Angel went to her stable too, which her mother kept free in case her dream horse came along.

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