In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


59. Still Mad?

Alex's P.O.V

So I went to Niall's class every week after school for detention. Today is the last day of detention. Yes. The thing is Niall is still not talking to me. But he wrapped arms around my waist on Monday. After that he kept ignoring, I kept calling him,tried to talk to him in detention but he kept saying "you can't talk in detention". Wtf?

This time Lucy is with me in detention. "Hey Alex , is everything fine?" Lucy asked me. "No I'm fine" I faked a smile. We walked into Niall's class and sat at the back. Harry was talking to Niall.

I miss him, I miss his hugs,his smiles, his kisses, everything. Niall looked at me then looked away. I sighed and took out my history homework . I looked at Niall, he was playing with his phone , so I texted him.

Alex- I miss you

Niall- Alex,do your work ok?

I sighed and got up. "No I'm not gonna do my fucking work!!! I'm so sick of you ignoring me!!" I kept yelling "I tried to fucking call you but you don't answer, in school you ignore me, after school you ignore me!!! Why?! For not telling you bout the party?! If that's the reason your STILL mad at me then that's honestly really stu..." I was interrupted by Niall smashing his lips against mine, I instantly kissed him back softly.

Lucy's P.O.V

Harry and I kept watching Alex yelling at Mr.Horan...then BAM!! He kissed her. What? Woah .. Wow just wow. We were both shocked. I looked at harry and said "let's not tell anyone bout what just happened ok?" "Uh huh yeah okay" he agreed. I guess Alex heard us "yes pls don't tell anyone bout this" she said and we nodded.

"So um I'm gonna go , I have to go pack for Paris" I said getting up and harry hugged me, I hugged him back. "Uh Lucy wanna have a sleepover tonight?" Alex asked me and nodded "yeah sure, I'll pack my bag then come over to your house. " I told her and she smiled.

"I'll drive you home babe" Harry said and shook my head no. "Why?" He asked. "Because I wanna walk" I told him. "Then I'll walk you home" he chuckled and I giggled. We walked out after saying goodbye to Alex and Mr.Horan.

Alex and I are very close now. It's pretty good to have a girl best friend. Harry walked me home and said goodbye. I went upstairs and packed my bag.

AN: hey are you???? Anyways sorry for the bad chapter.

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