In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


104. Say Something

Alex's P.O.V

I woke up early today to clean the house. It's 7 AM right now, I just changed into my shorts and a black plain t-shirt. I tied my hair then grabbed the vacuum and started cleaning the basement. The whole house is really dirty and I know Niall wouldn't clean it even when people come over.

I sighed and kept cleaning, then I took the vacuum upstairs and started cleaning there. "The kitchen is so messed up, I have to clean it today. No matter what" I whispered to myself as I stood in front of the kitchen. I then continued to clean the ground floor then I went up to the first floor and did vacuuming there. I vacuumed every room except our room because Niall was sleeping still. I put the vacuum away in the linen closet and went downstairs to the kitchen, I feel tired already.

Anyways, I started by putting things back to their original place and labeled some things. I was just about done when Niall came downstairs rubbing his eyes.

"morning love" he said and I didn't reply. He then came behind me as I cleaned the stove. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close to him and kissed my neck. As much as I loved that , I moved away and continued to ignore him.

"Babe? What's wrong?" He asked as he drank water.

"Getting drunk when your colleague is here is wrong" I said as I finished my cleaning.

"Alex? Really? You're mad about that? Look I'm sorry" he said.

"Why'd you get drunk?"


"Because what?"

"Because I was jealous God dammit!" He said a little bit loud which made me jump a little. I sighed and walked to him "baby why?" I placed my hand on his chest and rubbed it slowly. He calmed down a little and said "because you and Josh seemed to get along really well...he was flirting with you too." He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close, I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Babe... You have nothing to be jealous about, yes he was flirting but I changed the topic immediately and mostly we talked about was random stuff babe. And plus I don't care about him, I care about you because I love you" I explained.

"Hmm I love you too baby" he whispered before kissing me softly. I kissed back passionately. We both smiled in the kiss, I bit his lower lip which made him moan. He then pushed me up against the wall and kissed me more roughly. He slid his tongue and explored my mouth, I moans and let him explore. My fingers kept playing with his hair. "Hmm baby" he moaned in my ear which made me moan.

He then picked me up and walked upstairs but didn't break the kiss, I smiled as we got to the room. I got down on my feet and took his shirt off then he took off mine.

I chuckled and laid down pulling him on top. He pulled down his sweats and looked at me. "Hmm" I took my shorts off and looked at him. "You're wearing my fav bra on you baby" he said which made me chuckle a little. His hands traveled to my chest and squeezed my left boob gaining a moan from me, he then unclipped my bra and then slowly started to suck my nipples. I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his waist. His other hand was touching my clit. He slowly start to rub.

As soon as he pulled my thong off, the doorbell rang. "Fuck" he murmured but he kept rubbing my clit. "Babe, shouldn't we get that?" I moaned and he shook his head. He kissed my chest then kissed all the way down to my stomach. Then, he sucked my inner thigh, very close to my clit, I groaned and sat up a bit. I watched as he licked my clit slowly teasing me. I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed head down a bit more, he was licking it as if making out with my clit.

I couldn't take it anymore and I came... He looked up at me sexily as he licked me dry. I looked down at him and bit my lip.

He then took off his boxers and slapped his cock on my clit. I moaned and laid back down, bit my lip and groaned as he came into me. I moaned his name really loud and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He kept thrusting really hard until he and I both came. He looked in my eyes then leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back then slowly pulled away. He smiled and pulled away and laid by me , pulling me close. "Let's take a nap yeah?" He asked and I nodded. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. Slowly, I fell asleep while listening to his heart beat.

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