In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


93. Pregnant?

Alex's P.O.V

I woke up to Niall singing loudly in the shower at 6 AM. What the fuck? It's like fucking midnight. I rolled out of my bed like a dog and fell down on my bum. I groaned and got up.

Suddenly, I had the urge to throw up. I ran in the bathroom , pulled my hair back and threw up in the sink. "Babe are you ok?" I heard Niall ask after getting out of the shower, I nodded then threw up again. I felt him rub my back. After I was done throwing up, I brushed my teeth and went to the bed and laid down.

"Babe? Is everything ok?" Niall came following me wearing just a towel. "Yeah...I guess" i sighed. "Okay babe I'm gonna go and make some breakfast and then I'm gonna go to school ok?" He told me his plan for today and I nodded even though I didn't want him to go.

After about 10 mins Niall came up and gave me a plate of pancakes which I ate happily. "Thanks babe" I said as I put the plate on the nightstand. He smiled and got dressed for the day. "Babe do you like being a principal?" I asked him as I stared at the bluish green wall. "Yeah babe...oh wait I'm both principal and math teacher because I just fired this math teacher because he molested male students and now he's in jail...apparently he's gay" he explained. "Woah poor student...but babe isn't this too much for you?" I asked getting a bit worried. "Yeah but I'll figure something out, I wanna be a principal and a math teacher because honestly it was my dream which now just came true" he explained while tying his tie, all I could do is sigh and nod.

"Okay babe I gotta go, I'll see you in the evening, bye love you" he said while kissing my forehead. "Bye,love you" I said as he walked out the door. Again, I had the urge to throw up, I grabbed the trash can which was by the nightstand and threw up in that. After, I was done with that, I got up and brushed my teeth again. I didn't even eat that kind of food which makes you throw up nor I'm sick...then I realised something.. Niall and I had sex on Sunday or Monday without protection so maybe...fuck so maybe I can be pregnant. Oh god no. I got up and quickly got dressed, I texted Lucy as I put on my shoes.

Alex- hey,I'm going to the hospital, can you come?

Lucy- omg why? What happened? Is everything ok?

Alex- I think I might be pregnant so that's why I'm gonna go and take a test.

Lucy- oh , so just but a pregnancy test from a drugstore or something.

Alex- yeah...but I wanna be sure so I'll just go to the hospital

Lucy- oh ok I'll meet you at the hospital xx

Alex- okay thanks xox

And that's was the end of our conversation.

Lucy's P.O.V

I quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth, I didn't have time to take even a quick shower. It's kinda exciting that Alex might be pregnant because I'll be an aunt!!

I went downstairs and out the door to my car and got in while texting Harry that I'm going out with Alex. Harry was still sleeping so yah.

When I reached hospital, I saw Alex waiting at the entrance, I got out and walked to to her. "Hey love" I said while hugging her. "Hey" she hugged back then pulled away going inside. She then straight went to the doctor where she's gonna take the test. I guess Alex already checked in.

"Hello Mrs.Horan and Mrs.Styles" doc greeted us, I don't know why I blushed when she said 'Mrs.Styles'. I'm still not used to it. "Hello" we both said in unison.

"Mrs.Horan, go in room 313 and I'll be there with the materials and Mrs.Styles I'm gonna have to ask you to wait in the waiting room" she said and I nodded. I watched as Alex went in that room. I sat on a chair next to a cute little girl. I think she's 5.

After 20 mins , Alex came out sighing. I got up and ran to her "when will you know?" "This evening" she said and I nodded. "Fuck what if I am pregnant? Or it's just good poisoning" everyone could tell she's nervous. "Babe just calm down, let's go and get some ice cream , yeah?" I asked and she nodded. We walked out of the hospital and went to the ice cream parlour, I got her a strawberry ice cream and I got myself a chocolate one. "Thanks" she said and I smiled and nodded gesturing that 'you're welcome'. We then just sat on a bench near a fountain and watched the people walk by.

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