In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


69. New Principal?

Niall's P.O.V

We had a long weekend and I was finally over the stupid jetlag. So, today is Monday again which means school.

I was already in my class and was grading some papers when the principal came in. "Mr.Horan, would you ever like to be a principal" he asked. "Yes. I would love to be a principal , why do you ask?" "Well, mr.horan , you are promoted. Your now officially the principal of this very school." He said and I looked at him wide eyed. "Wait what, what about you?" I asked and he simply replied "it's my time to retire now.". Woah I can't believe this. "So, few months ago I was all the teachers records and you mr.horan are the most capable to become a principle, so umm I'm leaving right now, pls take care of this school" he explained and I hugged him goodbye. "Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate it" I said,pulled away and shook his hand.

I packed my stuff and made my way to the old principal's office which is now mine. I called Alex a few times but she didn't answered any of my calls, maybe she's sleeping,

I unpacked my stuff again in my new office. On my desk I had a picture of me and Alex. The picture was facing the chair which was in front of the desk so if someone just enters my office then they will not be able to see the picture.

I already miss her, i don't know when we are gonna get married. I wish we could marry just right now. It's been a year since I met her and I already love her. Anyways, the first bell rang and already kids started coming in my office with their problems. Ugh really? Give me a break. Why can't they just go to the guidance councillor? I actually told some students to go to the councillor because I had other work to do.

I called Alex but now it said that her phone is now switched off. What? I wonder if she's here. I talked to some of her teachers and they said no. Oh gosh why is she ignoring me? What did I do now?

Alex's P.O.V

Oh shit he's back! Steve is back! He was supposed to go on a business trip for two months but it extended to a year. Unfortunately, his trip was over and now he's back.

I'm still laying on my bed, I don't wanna go downstairs. I heard him come in and pop open the beer, he already sounded drunk. "Alex!!" He yelled. "I'm coming" I said. Gosh I have to go now. I just hope everything goes fine. I took my phone and went downstairs to see him smiling. He came and hugged me and I had to hug him back. He pulled away and looked at my phone. He then took it and saw the texts I sent to Niall last night. "Who's Niall?" He asked. " a friend" I simply replied.

"You call your friends 'prince,baby,babe' and say 'I love you' to them?!" He shouted and I looked down. "You will not talk to him or meet him or any other guy!!" He shouted and slapped me hard. He then punched me and kicked me in the stomach. He then threw my phone across the room.

I wanted to laugh because I can simply meet my Niall. I just had to go to school. Steve is so dumb sometimes.

After he was done with his boxing session with me, where only he was hitting me, he went and sat on the couch. "I'm going to school" I said coldly. "No not today because I don't want ppl to see the bruises" he said and I sighed."but I can cover it up with make up" I argued. "No!!!!!!!, I said not today" he shouted again and I ran upstairs. I really wanted to meet Niall. I need him.

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