In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


91. Nandos and Movies

Niall's P.O.V

"Hey babe can we just order or go out for dinner tonight?" Alex asked which made me smile."ofcourse babe" I said getting up and pulling her in a hug. We've been spending a lot of time together which I'm really happy about.

We got ready, I was wearing some sweatpants and a white shirt with a SnapBack and Alex was wearing the shorts and a crop top.

We got in the car and I drove away. I turned the radio volume up and started singing along. I reached out for her hand and held it. "Babe your skin is so soft" I said as I kissed her hand. "Thanks baby" she said chuckling.

We arrived there after 3 mins of driving. I parked the car,got out and opened the door for my babe. "Thank you, kind sir" she said while getting out and I smiles, I shut the door behind her and walked to inside with her.

We waited for some waitress at the door so we can get seated. Finally a waitress came and showed us our table and gave us the menu and I think she winked at me. Gosh. I reached for Alex's hand from across the table, she giggled and held my hand. Then the waitress came and took our orders. I ordered Peri-Peri chicken and Alex ordered the same. "Uhm can I get Pepsi too?" Alex asked her , she rolled her eyes and said "sure". I was about to say something but then I felt Alex squeeze my hand which meant 'don't say/do anything'.

The waitress came with our drinks and food. "Thank you" I heard Alex say. "Ugh whatever" the waitress replied. I looked up at her "excuse me, there's a way to talk to customers, and I don't like the way you are talking to my fiancé! Where's your manager?" "Niall c'mon babe it's fine" Alex squeezed my hand again. "Oh sir, I'm so sorry pls don't my manager, pls I really need this job" she begged me. "I think I'm not the one you apologize to" I said and drank some of my water. The waitress turned to Alex "I'm so sorry miss" "it's fine just don't do it again" I heard Alex say.

"Babe you didn't have to do that" Alex said after the waitress left. "No babe, no one can talk to you like this" I said and interlocked our fingers. We ate our food in silence. When we finished, I asked for the bill. I paid even tho Alex insisted to pay.

We got in the car and I drove home. I started singing "Just the way you are" and held her hand. After a few mins I could hear her snore. I chuckled and parked the car. I got out and picked up Alex then locked the car and went inside the house. I walked upstairs and laid her down on the bed. I striped to my boxers and got in bed with her and I fell asleep instantly.

Harry's P.O.V

"Babe!!" I heard Lucy call me but I kept walking down the street, "babe!! I didn't know ! I'm sorry!" She shouted so I could hear her.

I stopped and faced her with almost teary eyes. "I tried to stop her but she didn't listen" I said. "I know babe, I believe you, I'm sorry" she said and hugged me, I sighed and hugged back tightly.

"Let's go watch a movie or something" I said trying to sound cheerful. She smiled and nodded then started to walk back to the house. I don't know why I'm so tired, my legs are killing me.

We got home, I went to the bedroom and picked out a movie while she got the popcorn ready. "Babe come fast, the movie is gonna start in 30 seconds" I said and sat on the bed waiting for her. She came in running with candies and popcorn.

I giggled as she sat Inbetween my legs. I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder and ate some popcorn. "OMG harry not Happy Feet again" she complained..."babe pls pls" I said trying to convince her to watch it.

"Fine...but this is the last time" she puffed and I clapped happily.

I think 20 mins into the movie, she fell asleep. Aww she doesn't know what she's missing. I mean those penguins are so fucking cute, how could you not be addicted to this movie? Oh god. This movie is my drug. I felt my eyes get heavy and finally I fell asleep too.

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