In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


21. Beautiful

Niall's P.O.V

Aw my poor princess was really tired. She's been working her arse off to earn money and good grades. She needs a break. Right now we were cuddling with max on our lap. "Niall?" "Yeah princess?" "I love you and thanks for everything " she said . Awww "I love you too babe and I'll do anything for you " I said and kissed her cheek. She's so beautiful without makeup . " babe pls don't ever wear make up" I said to her ,"but I do need make up" she replied ,"no babe your not gonna wear make up ,pls for me? Your way more beautiful without make up. And if you don't feel beautiful then something is clearly wrong with you " I said ." Thanks babe , you make me feel beautiful " she replied. "I'm glad that i make you feel that way, so no more make up from now right ?" I asked her ," uh maybe it will take awhile babe " she replied . " fine but don't use that much make up like you usually do , cut it down " "okay babe u won't use that much make up" she said and I smiled. "Babe today is your relax day" it was still noon actually so he already studied and went to work , so now she has rest of the day to relax. "But babe I have to study" she said ,"uh no babe you studied and went to work now you have rest of the day to relax" I replied . "Fine babe " she agreed with me. Good now my mission is to make her rest of the day enjoyable and relaxable . "Babe do you have a swimsuit?" I asked her ."yeah why?" She asked . "Just asking love " I replied . "Babe I gotta go to the washroom" I said and she got up with max in her hand and smiled at me , I smiled back and went upstairs to the washroom. I really didn't need to go to the washroom just want to do something special for my princess. So I went and turned on hot water in the tub and took some shampoo to make some bubbles. I went in her room and took the roses and plucked its petals off and spread them in the tub and some on the bathroom floor. I went downstairs and took her by the hand , leading her upstairs. Max was sleeping on his bed. "Where are we going?" She asked . "Just wait and watch " I said . I hope she likes her little surprise . " babe now go in your room and change into your swimsuit" I told her , she gave me weird look an asked "why?" She asked again. "Just do it pls " I hope she doesn't suspect anything . She gave me a confused look and went inside. She finally came out and I took her hand and lead her to the washroom, and stopped at the entrance. I hope the water is still hot/warm.I was wearing shorts which was luckily my swimming trunks. So I took my shirt off and went in with her "just wait and watch" I said to Alex who was looking at me really confused. She finally looked at the tub and then at the floor. " awe babe you didn't have to" she said ,"I wanted to " I said and kissed her cheek. I got into the tub and she followed me . I sat at the one end and she sat on the other."wow I really needed this , thanks baby" she said ,"babe anything for you" I smiled at her and kissed her nose.

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