In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


67. Back to Ireland

Lucy's P.O.V

we just landed in Ireland and everyone is getting their luggage. Paris was beautiful but i missed Ireland too. right now its like 4 AM and i need my coffee. i got my luggage and waited for others. "hey baby wanna stay at my house for the weekend?" harry asked and i nodded.he smiled and kissed me gently and i kissed him back tiredly. he pulled away and took my hand. i smiled and let him take me wherever we were going. i dont even care right now because im so tired.

we finally reached harry's house, i got out of the car and i couldn't even stand up,i felt harry pick me up and laid me down on a bed "thank you" i said and fell asleep immediately.

i woke up in the middle of the night to a loud scream, i looked at harry and he was on the couch screaming, "whats wrong harry?" "there's a cockroach, o-on the floor" he said nervously. i laughed"you are scared of a cockroach?" i asked while laughing and he nodded embarrassed. "well i think its cute baby" i said and killed the cockroach. "now let me sleep" i said while kissing his cheek, he nodded and followed me to the bed, i laid down and he did the same. "night baby" he said and i fell asleep again.

Alex's P.O.V

I'm at niall's house right now, yes, we're back from paris. its 5 AM now and im wide awake.

Paris is so beautiful. niall,me,lucy and harry went to this bridge where you throw the key in the water and lock the lock around the railing and write your and your partner's name. yeah i dont remember the bridge's name. Anyways, that was so fun tho. niall and i had to "Sneak" out to go to that bridge because of the other students and teachers. so, we didn't spend much time together.

The other day, lucy and i went to this french restaurant and i tried to order the food in french. i told the waiter that i want pizza in french and he was like "huh?". then finally he said "what?" then i ordered my food in english and lucy kept laughing at me. so that happened in the past few days.

Right now, im in the kitchen and im cooking pancakes because im hungry and bored.suddenly, i felt niall's arm wrap around my waist "hey babe why are you cooking right now?" he asked."because im hungry and bored" i replied making him giggle. "need help?" he asked and i shook my head no.



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