In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


6. Babysitting

Alex's P.O.V

We were just talking about random stuff , then I got a call, it was my aunt , I picked it up

"hello aunt Lisa , oh yeah sure ...mhm ok bye " I ended the call ,

"what's up babe?" Niall asked in his deep thick Irish accent , omg I just love his accent.

"oh my aunt wants me to babysit jake today for 3 hrs" I explained to him.

"oh I'll help you babysit him" he said as he pulled me on his lap , "sorry for the trouble " I said while looking down , "no no,your not troubling me besides I offered to help you" he said and kisses my cheek , I looked up and smiled.

The door bell rang , I got up and opened the door. "Hey aunt Lisa " I greeted her ,"hey Alex , I have to go , thnx for babysitting him bye " she said and gave me jake and his stuff.

Niall's P.O.V

The door bell rang and Alex went to get it, I didn't go with her because we don't want her aunt to suspect any thing . Poor Alex , I can tell that she's tired , that's why I offered to help and besides I love kids. After like 5 min later she came with the baby in her arms. Aww he's the cutest baby I've ever seen after my nephew Theo. Theo is the best.

Alex's P.O.V

I came back and set jake on the other couch and sat by Niall . I looked at Niall who was looking at jake , jake got up and walked to Niall , he picked jake up and held him in his arms , aww they are so cute. He's so good with kids. Jake is only 4.

Niall's P.O.V

I picked up jake and played with his cars with him, jake is only 4 so he can't talk properly, but that's fine hehe , I love to play with kids and jake didn't even cry once. Then he started to play with my phone , not on my phone , thank god he didn't break it. Alex got up and went in the kitchen and came back with jake's food.

"Babe let me feed him" I offered ,"no, I got it" she said . She started feeding him , I got up and came back with his milk and after he ate , he drank the whole bottle so quickly , this kid is quick,

Alex's P.O.V

After 3 hrs my aunt finally came and took jake and guess what she paid me $50 just for babysitting for 3 hrs. I went to Niall who was getting ready to leave since we have school tomorrow . "Hey guess what" I asked excitedly , "what?" He asked , "she paid me $50 just for babysitting" I said , "wow babe that's awesome " he said and leaned in to kiss me , I kissed him and pulled away.

"We should split it" I offered.

"No why?" He asked

"Because you helped me too" I said as I divided the money in half and gave it to me.

"Ugh okay" he finally gave in.

"see you at school tomorrow, sleep well, love" he said and pulled me in a hug , I hugged him back and said "sleep well and see ya tomorrow " I pulled away from the hug and he walked to the door, turned around and blowed a kiss and I pretended to catch and put it in my pocket, he chuckled , I smiled as he walked to his car and drove off, I was already in my pjs , I ate an apple and went to my bedroom ,laid on my bed and fell asleep.

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