In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


111. A month later

Alex's P.O.V

It's been a month since the accident and Niall is back on his feet, his wrist hurt here and there so he wears this black wrist brace on.

Right now, I'm making dinner for us. Niall said he's out for a walk.

As I was setting up the table, I heard Niall walk in.

"Hey baby" he said and wrapped his arms around my waist, I giggled and turned around to face him then wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Hey, where's your brace?" I asked looking at his hand"

"Oh yeah I took it off because it was annoying me" He said as he kissed my neck. 

"O-oh okay babe" I bit my lip as my hand traveled up to his hair as he started to suck on my neck.

"You know, we need to decide when we want to get married" he said as he left visible love bites on my neck which traveled down to my chest. 

"Hmm yeah, we need to" I said as I pulled away knowing it drives him crazy.

"Baby" he whined and pulled me back by my waist which made me smirk. 

I leaned in slowly but pulled away little making him pout. I chuckled and kissed him a little roughly but passionately. He kissed me back grabbing my butt.

"I want you bad" he moaned in the kiss.

"Babe, are you sure? because you just recovered and I don't want anything else happen to you" I said looking at him concerned.

"I'm sure baby, don't worry" He said as he leaned in to kiss me again.

I smiled in kiss and wrapped arms around his neck, he pushed me against the wall. I moaned in kiss which made him smirk. 

I quickly unbuckled his pants and pulled it down along his boxers. He looked at me smirked "feisty, are we?" 

I nodded and pulled his shirt off, he was about to pick me up but I refused because he just recovered. I grabbed his hand and walked upstairs to our room. I made him lay on the bed and took my clothes off. 

He seemed amused, he started to sit up but I laid him back to him. I started kissing his neck then kissed him all the down to his V line.

He moaned as I began stroking his member, he closed his eyes and grabbed the bed sheet.

"Suck it already" he groaned.

I smirked and slowly sucked on his tip, then made my way down to and sucked the whole length. He kept moaning till he finally came, I swallowed it and then pulled away.

He hovered on top of me and ahe began to caress my breasts, my hands moved down over his broad back, settled on his buttocks. Smoothing his hand up along my leg, he slipped in between my thighs, my soft moans increased as he finally touched that damp, warm, welcoming place. I arched my body, then fell back, moaning. 

Now, I could see that he could hardly contain himself and he parted her legs and entered me slowly and gently.

I began to move frantically against him, my hands tightly gripping his shoulders, my whole body radiating heat and desire for him. 

He growled, replete, sated, exhausted; and nestled into my neck and kissed the bare skin beneath his lips. I groaned and came as soon as he gave me few love bites. He looked down at me and smirked then he came and groaned loudly. 

Then, he pulled away and laid beside me , he looked at how red at me and laughed. I smiled and covered us with blanket. 

He looked down at me and pecked my lips which made me smile. 

"I love you" I said as I closed my eyes.

"I love you too" is the last thing I heard before falling asleep.

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