What will happen to Samantha's and Niall's relationship now that her mum has made up her mind about moving to California?


4. Truly, Madly, Deeply

I knocked on Niall's door nervously and gave Mike a wave goodbye. Mike pulled out of the driveway and left. Niall still hadn't answered the door. I went over to the flower pot and picked it up. It had the house key sticky taped to the bottom of it. I unlocked the door and found that the house was completely empty. They must've gone out to get some food.

To: Niall💕

Hey, I came over and noticed you guys weren't home so I let myself in. Is that okay? x

From: Niall💕

Yeah babe help yourself to food and my bed and whatever. What are you doing back already? x

To: Niall💕

We need to talk x

Niall's POV

From: Sammy💜

We need to talk x

"Oh shit." I whispered to myself, but it must've been louder than I thought.

"What's wrong Niall?" Shay asked, sucking loudly on the straw to her smoothie.

"Samantha sent me a text saying we need to talk. That can only mean something bad."

Louis nodded, taking a bite out of his Nando's burger.

Shay had a concerned look on her face, "Do you want me to call her?"

I shrugged. I didn't think she'd break up with me. It would have to be something about her family. Shay grabbed out her phone and left the table.

Shay's POV

"Wait what?" I asked, confused about Samantha's story.

"Yeah, I can't believe it either." She sounded like she was about to cry.

"You know that Niall loves you and you have too many friends to support you. Don't worry about it."

She sighed, "You're right. I love you guys."

"And we love you too. Look, I have to go. We'll be back in about ten minutes."

Samantha's POV

I walked down stairs to the basement of Niall's and Louis's apartment. I went into the recording studio and saw a sheet of lyrics. It was entitled truly, madly, deeply. I read over it and was immediately in love with the way it sounded. I turned on the microphone and started to record myself.

Truly, madly, deeply.

I am foolishly, completely falling.

And somehow you kicked all my walls in,

So baby say you'll always keep me,

Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you.

In love with you.

I looked up to see Niall, Louis and Shay all sitting there looking astonished. I laughed and walked out.

"That was amazing Samantha!" Louis yelled.

Niall came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He nuzzled his face in the crease of my neck.

"Do you like that song?" He whispered.

"I love it."

"Good. Because I wrote it about you."

My eyes widened and my head shot up.

"What? For me?"

"Yeah. I love you, Samantha Kate Jones."

"I love you too, Niall James Horan."

We shared a deep kiss before Louis's throat cleared behind us. We pulled away from each other and laughed.

"Samantha, you should sing the chorus and collaborate with us." Louis suggested.

I laughed to myself, thinking he was joking. But he held a serious look on his face.

"W-what? You can't be serious."

"I am." He smiled, "We're going on tour soon because we've finished school. You'd be able to join us."

"What? This is crazy."

"You don't have to." Louis laughed.

"No, I want to. This is amazing."

Louis, Niall and Shay all laughed as I did my own mini celebration.

"Let me call management." Louis smiled.

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