cristina is harry styles girlfriend and so one day she gose to take a shower and the boys are play truth or dare and its harry turn and Louis tell him to say a lie so hw say he don't love cristina and cristina heard that and ran out the door what will happen






so Emily came and we are in harry room he is still in thee shower 3 mins later me and Emily hear the shower stop harry comes in the and room  and say "crissy who called my phone" "who the hell is Emily" he look up like he didn't what to say then Emily walk in the room "EMILY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" harry said in a supries voice "I called you and she picked up thee phone" "so whats going on here harry" me and Emily said at the same time "ok ok  the day you left me cristina me and the boys when out clubbing and I meat Emily and we started dating but then I saw you tonight and forgot all about her because Im am only in love with you" SO HARRY YOU ARE SAYING U WERE ONLY USING ME BECAUSE YOU DIDNT HAVE HER" "Emily now now I really did love you but cristina she everything to me" really harry if im everything to you then why would you have said u really didn't love me in a STUPID GAME OUT OF EVER OTHER THING YOU HAD TO SAY THE WAS A LYING YOU PICKED THAT ONE" "CRISTINA IT WAS ONE STIPUD GAME IT DIDNT MEAN NOTHING" " bye harry im leaving when you get it right you can finds me at anouthy house"   "cristina please don't leave me agin I need you are my ever" cristina starts to walk to the door and harry screams "CRISTINA I LOVE YOU PLEASE DONT LEFT ME" by this harry has tears running don't his face and cristina is out the door and she has tears running down her face to she run her back down the door sitting on the ground crying she gets her phone out and call anouthy for him to come pick her up







is it good so far if not tell and tell me if I need to add anything

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