cristina is harry styles girlfriend and so one day she gose to take a shower and the boys are play truth or dare and its harry turn and Louis tell him to say a lie so hw say he don't love cristina and cristina heard that and ran out the door what will happen


3. him and her?



I turn around and I see harry and the boys I say harry is that you? and harry say yea  it been two weeks since we  seen each other  and u aready move on? no not really he just a friend I was drunk and didn't know what I was doing. cristina to really expect me to belive that. what  about you grinning on that girl in there I bet u don't even know her I alest know him what do u have to say about that. so then anouthy say cristina your a little drunk let me get you home. harry say to him how do u know where she live and he say she staying with me for now since u wanted to say something stupid in a game. so then harry tell the boys to go get the car now so they but harry staythen harry  grab my wrist and pull to the car and anouthy grab my other wrist and said she coming home with me harry. well lets see who she want to go with cristina babe do u want to go home with me harry the person who  truly deeply madly in love with u and all your little thing or with a person that is just a friend. I look at harry and anouthy and I can really see harry miss me a lot and I miss him to but aniuthy he always there for me when I need. I look at anouthy one more time and said sorry anouthy im in love with harry and that is who I want to be with I will come for my stuff tomorrow  love u. so that night me and caught up on thing harry goin the shower after ahour of talk and his phone rings and I look at it amd its say Emily so I answer the phone and she say hey baby y didn't u call me today can I come over and sleep with u tonight and I say WHO THE HELL IS THIS and she say im harry girlfriend who u and I say im his girl girlfriend and she say im coming over there so u can get this right

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