cristina is harry styles girlfriend and so one day she gose to take a shower and the boys are play truth or dare and its harry turn and Louis tell him to say a lie so hw say he don't love cristina and cristina heard that and ran out the door what will happen


5. back and forth






soo once agin im back at anouthy house I told him what and happen and he said that why I should just stay away from harry I had agree with that I should but my heart just wants to be with harry but what I had seen with my cousin jesus realships I just cant be going back and forth like he just to get heartbreaker by that person for someone els  its so hard not to go for the person you love when they keep on hurting you over and over agin so im lying in bed think what should I do my mind kept on going on what harry screamed when I walk out on me tonight I never heard harry screamed he love me like that before maybe I just over reacted to this mess and plus he said he meat her the day I called it off between us and I just started talking to him today he really didn't have no time to call it off between him and that girl I should call him I called harry and he answer he said "hell-lo" "harry are you crying" "cristina I did expect you to call me and yea" " why are you crying" " because I lost my everything im a mess with you cristina" harry im sorry I over reacted I didn't even give you time to end thing with her we had just started talking today I shoulda have gave you a bit longer and I no you really love me I never heard you in in all my year of dating you you scream like that harry why do  you keep chases after me when I keep leaveing you" "because I love you and I don't wanna lose you  please come back cristina I need you here with me we can be happy together agin like it use to be remember all the good times we had me you and the boys I no you miss them they miss you I miss you and I don't know if you miss or feel the same but I know I arealdy said like 100 times but I need you" " how about we go to starbucks and we talk about this and I do love it had for me to show cause I don't want to be heartbroken like my cousin jesus he was a mess when his girlfriend he really love broke up with him and he still a mess" " cristina I will never hurt you agin I will try me best to keep you heart safe and what time shall we meet up" " 2 well night harry love you" " night love you to"    





so what do think about should I go on or stop it here






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