Niall, Louis, Liam and I were the best of friends since we were babies. When Niall and I end up together, he is forced to move to Australia for five years.
Five years later and he's back and we're all hanging out again.
What will happen to our friendship when I meet Harry Styles?
And just incase you guys are confused I changed her name from Hinley to Hayley okay bye:)


2. Chapter Two

I heard muffled laughing through the wall of my apartment from my roommate, Jade. I sighed. She is always so loud in the morning. Especially seeing as she brings a different guy home every night. I rolled over to see it was ten thirty. Okay, maybe it was time to wake up. I rose from my sheets and felt like a bus had hit me. I had a wicked hangover. It reminded me of how great it was last night to be with old friends.

I walked into the kitchen, immediately regretting I didn't put on any slippers because the tiles were freezing on my warm feet. I quickly skipped into the kitchen, making myself a coffee. I sat at the bench stool and started to read the newspaper as I heard Jade's bedroom door unlock.

"Last night was great." Jade seductively whispered. I laughed to myself and they turned to me. Jade rolled her eyes, I laughed at her every morning.

"Call me." The mystery man said his final words.

They had their last kiss and Jade closed the door.

"Call me." I teased.

"Fuck you."

I laughed, "Was this guy good?"

"Yeah, he was really nice."


"But. I don't know yet."

"Jade, everyone has a but. Big or small." She laughed. "But you know what I mean. Every guy has some baggage or a flaw you end up hating."

She sighed, "I know. And I'll probably find it soon. But for now, I'm happy."

She walked off, brushing through her long, blond, sex hair with her fingers. Jade was gorgeous. He had waist length blond hair and beautiful green eyes. She was very skinny, having the 'thigh gap,' which I still struggle with. She's just one of those girls who can look perfect without putting any effort in.

I took the last sip of my coffee before getting into my shower. I loved having a shower in the morning, the feeling of warm water patting on my back. It soothed me. It was so nice to be alone with my thoughts, so much so that usually I end up spending an hour in there.


"Hayley! You've been in there for ages. How have you not used all the hot water yet?"

I turned off the tap and wrapped a towel around me. I un fogged the mirror and was disappointed with what I saw, as usual. I opened the door.

"Come on, Hayley. You've been in there for an hour and a half now."

"That's a new record." I joke, stepping to the side and going into my room to avoid her.

Today is a Sunday. I love Sundays, it means a lazy day with Jade, where we watch movies and eat junk food all day. I started to pull on my comfy shirt when I heard a buzz from my phone.

From: Haz x

I was disappointed to not have you here this morning. But anyway, I'll pick you up at seven tonight. Where do you live? x

Shit! I almost completely forgot about Harry. I texted him my address and ran into Jade's room to see she was getting ready for lazy day too.

"Hey, uh, change of plans. I've got a date."

"What?! Hayley, you haven't been on a date since..."

I cut her off, "I know, I know. He's back by the way."

Her eyes widened in shock, "Is that who's taking you out?"

"No, a guy I met at Louis's last night. His name is Harry. Maybe I should ask Lou about him."

I walked out the room and grabbed my phone to ring Louis. I had no idea about Harry.


I was surprised to hear Louis's voice, breaking my train of thought.

"Oh, um, hi Louis."

"Hey Hayl, what's up?"

"I was just wondering what you know about a guy who was at your party last night. His name is Harry."

"Harry? He's a really cool guy. He can get a little touchy feely when he gets drunk."

I thought back to last night and how he grabbed my waist.

"How do you know him?"

"We went to school together, Hayl. Why are you asking?"

"He's taking me out tonight..."

"Oh yeah. I hope you guys have a good time. Look Hayl, I've gotta go. But stay safe with Harry and remember to always use protection."

"Fuck you." I laughed.

"I love you too." He hung up the phone before we could get into one of our fights.

Okay, I had to get ready for a date instead of a lazy day. I had no idea where we were going. It would probably be a restaurant. He asked me to wear something nice. That could mean anything. I pulled of my comfortable clothes and looked through my wardrobe. My fingers flicked through the items of clothing.

"Nope, nope, no, definitely not, too small... This one!"

My finger stumbled across a dress which was pastel green and had a floral lace design on the top. It would be perfect for whether we were going to a restaurant or the beach. I slipped it on, happy to see it still fit me. I brushed my fingers through my hair, trying to tame the tangled mess. My hair just passed my chest area. It had blond tips, but the rest of it was brunette. It was naturally curly, meaning I would spend about an hour everyday straightening it. I hated it.

After an hour of doing my hair, which still didn't look good, I gave up and decided to do my makeup. I put on mascara, a little bit of eye liner and some gold sparkly eye shadow. I didn't feel the need for any lipsticks, I didn't suit them. Plus, it smudges when you kiss someone, which gives it away. I glanced at the clock to see it was two in the afternoon. Why'd I get ready so early?


Hours had passed of me and Jade watching horror movies when I realised it was 6:45. Harry would be here soon. I ran into my room and slipped on some heels. I hated heels. They always give me blisters and they hurt. But, it is the thing you're supposed to do for this thing I guess. I slipped on my bracelets, some rings and a necklace. Looked at myself for the last time in the mirror before leaving. I looked okay. I put on some earrings, when I heard a knock on the door.

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