Memory Filter: The story of Nadia and Jethro

Inspired by the Angel Picture.
Nadia just lost everything. She gave up on life.
What happens when Jethro, a cheerful musician finds her and takes her in?

This will be part of a Memory Filter Series.


1. 1/1

It was winter, the 24th of December 2012 to me exact. It was cold in Glasgow, very cold , so cold that her fingers started to go numb. Her foster parents didn’t want her anymore, why? She did not know. She felt lost and betrayed, her mother leaving when she was just a couple days old and her dad….as hard as he tried to quite his drug addiction and get his life together he never could.

She was alone, and at this point had given up on life. No one was ever going to care for her as much as she tried to bend to their will, it seemed like she was never good enough for any of them.  She rested her head on the bench, shivering violently. She hoped that if she was to die tonight, that death would take her quickly.

When she awoke again, she was warm under a thick blanket. She was dead and in heaven, she was sure of that. She sat up obviously a bit to quickly as she was hit with dizziness. Once the room stopped spinning, she took a look at the environment around her. The room had gray walls mostly covered up by band posters. Two guitars rested in the left corner of the room the black one with the Beatles stickers a acoustic and the silver-gold steam punk styled a electric. The room floor was stacked with music books and notebooks of various colors scattered the floor. Besides the bed was a small tabled with some cat treats, a glass of water, some pills and a note.

Hello and Merry Christmas Eve!

If your reading this you’re mostly likely awake, and I’m not here.

Sorry I’m out to get bread from the bakery for breakfast and some other things.

I left some meds and water in case you aren’t feeling well.

Be back soon ~ Jethro

P.S the kitty treats are for Gypsy ,my cat, so that she will like you

After finishing the letter she hear the door slam shut, and the sound of someone kicking off their shoes. The person then made their way toured the room by the direction of the foot steps. A guy stuck his head in to the room, his hair dark and in a short ponytail, and he had a smile on his face. He waved kindly and then entered the room. He sat on the edge of the bed and she moved her legs up against her chest.

“Hello I’m Jethro  Lee , the guy who saved you from dieing in the snow” this Jethro guy seemed way to cheerful. “May I know your name too?”

“Nadia….Nadia Zelasko” she mumbled her voice barly audible.

“Nadia? Well that’s a pretty name. So Nadia would you like some breakfast?”

Nadia nodded and Jethro stud up and extended a hand out to her. She took his had and stud up her legs were still weak. He led her out of the room and down the hallway of the apartment, what she assumed to be the kitchen. By the time, they were in the kitchen the feeling in Nadia’s legs had returned and she made her way to one of the chairs at the table. As Jethro took out the plates and placed the food on the table, the patter of feet came tours the kitchen and a person walked in.

“Hey Jet! Hey pretty girl!” the guy sat himself next to Nadia and gave her one of those flirtatious look even thought he looked half asleep and his hair was a mess.

“Control yourself Nathan, she is a guest” Jethro scolded him “Plus that’s not attractive when you look like a zombie”

Nathan stuck out his tongue and took a bread roll from the middle of the table. Jethro finished with putting all the things on the table and sat himself down.

“Sorry about Nathan, the others aren’t as bad as him don’t worry” Jethro sent a reassuring smile Nadia’s way.

Nadia found out that later that day that “the others” were Jethro’s other roommates and band mates Keith, Edward, and George. A nice group of guys, very gentlemen like contrary to their tattooed bad boy looks.

Jethro had saved Nadia that day and provided her with a place to stay, until she got back up on her feet. At first, she said planed to stay only a couple weeks but weeks turned in to months and months turned in to a year. Now Nadia is the “female friend” of the singer and lead guitarist of Memory Filter, Jethro Lee.

Christmas Eve morning this year was spent in Jethro’s arms with Gypsy the kitty laying curled up at their feet. Nadia’s betrayal by her foster parents had brought her in to the arms of her true love and thought it had been a hard year she wouldn’t change anything.

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