Should i?

Karlie Mcbride doesn't know if she should date the badboy in school (Louis) if she does what will her brother say.if she says no to Louis what will happen?


2. new school

i walked in kinda scared.A really cute boy winked at me.I tried not to look at him by looking down.At the end of class A girl pulled me in A closet.HI? i said with a little Hey y me name is Iva.Well just warning you that boy that winked at you is bad news,she said with what looked like fear spread across her face.Why?i said.Because he will use you it happen to me talk to you later hears my number call me after school she said happily and walked out.


Karlies pov.

she seemed scared.i guess i will call her to hear more.i walked out of the school building.There he was again staring at me.Hey my name is Louis he said with a smile.Hi i said smiling.i walked away before anything happened .i got home and called her .Yes?She said.Uhh this is Karlie the new girl.I said hoping she knows who i am.Ok are yuo a loud to come over?Sure i said.Can you meet me at the park she asked.Yeah sure be there in 10.i said smiling bye.bye!

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