Midnight Memories

Gianazel... Or as everybody calls her, Gigi... Is kicked out of the house by her parents because of a little thing that will change her entire life. She and her new friend Diana have a plan to find this guy who changed her life so much. Who is he? Will he believe them or think shes just a crazed fan?


3. New House

John said he knew a girl that sold houses just in a jiffy. Which is great. I don't have any expectations. "Wow. So you just want to buy a house already huh?" She asked. I forgot her name... "I just need somewhere to stay and I don't want an apartment. Nothing big or fancy. More like small and cozy" I said looking around the neighborhood. "I have just the perfect house! And it's a little under your budget too!" She said pulling up to a really nice house. "Are you sure?!" I said in awe. "Most positively! It's a three bedroom house with two full bathrooms! It has a big kitchen. Which is one of the reasons I picked it out for you. I know you said you loved cooking and baking! And it does have a second floor but it's only a theater room up there. The rest is downstairs. The master bedroom is just lovely and the living is perfect for a family." She said with a huge smile. "How can this even be in my budget?!" I ask in confusion. "Well let's just say a dropped a couple...more like a few thousand dollars down. I've been through what your going through right now. Trust me it's not easy. And I never had anyone to help me and I would just hate to see the same thing happen to you! So I wanted to help out a little." She said tearing up. Oh what the heck just let it out! I begin to tear up as well. "Thank you. I don't know how else to thank you!" I say crying. "Oh honey. Come here! It's ok. No need to thank. But I just didn't want you do go through what I had to go through. Don't do this on your own. Who's the dad?" She asked. We sat down in the very cozy living room. "Your never going to believe me...." I say wiping my cheeks with the back of my hand. "Honey. I will believe you. Why would you lie about suck a thing. And honestly right now. I'm all you have.." She said hugging me. "Your right. And I can't thank you enough for that. Ok so the dad is........... He's in a band. I guess I was one of his one night stands but I ended up pregnant.." I say avoiding his name. "Ok so what's his name?!" She asked anxiously. "Niall....Niall horan.." I say looking down. "Like the boy in one direction?!" She asked totally interested in the topic. I nodded as more tears strolled down my face. "Oh wow. Umm what if I told you I know him personally?" She asked a bit confused about the whole thing. "You do?" I asked in a bit of amazement. "I'm really good friends with his mom actually. And so yes I do know him." She said smiling. "That's amazing! What a small world.." I say under my breath. "So what I'm going to do for you... Is talk to his mom. I really want to help you out Gigi.." She said patting my back. "You really are amazing. And I keep forgetting your name. I'm bad with names. But thank you so much! I just can't imagine how else this coup have been better! And about the house. When can I start living here?" I asked. "My name is Diana. And as you see this house is already furnished with the most modern furniture. There's a fund for girls like you. It's call the American Funds for Pregnant teens. And I got them to help you out. So it's all yours. Just I'll need all the paperwork and money later. After this passes by. Of course. I talked to the main guys about this and they are more than happy to help you out." She said smiling. "Wow. It looks like I have a whole team by my side... Like I said I don't know how else to thank you enough!" I say hugging her tight. "Just... Don't make the mistakes I made. That's ill I have to say. Goodnight Gianazel." She said hugging me and walking out the door. I go lock the door. I find the keys on the granite counter. This couldn't have gotten better. I am so blessed and thankful for all the people that made this happen. I grab my phone and charged it. I walk around trying to find the master bedroom. I walked in to a bed with the duvet baby blue and the room black and white. This is so perfect! I jump on the bed and just blacked out. Goodnight...

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