Midnight Memories

Gianazel... Or as everybody calls her, Gigi... Is kicked out of the house by her parents because of a little thing that will change her entire life. She and her new friend Diana have a plan to find this guy who changed her life so much. Who is he? Will he believe them or think shes just a crazed fan?


4. Meeting Daddy

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. "Hello?"

"H-hi?" The other person said. "Who is this I'm sorry.." I say confused. "Oh. Um I just wanted to know if it's true." I'm still super confused. "If what's true?" I asked. "If your having my baby.." The other person said. "Niall?" I asked surprised. "I'm gonna take that as a yes. Meet me at the park... By your house." And with him saying that he hung up. What the hell? I went back to my room and opened the closet to find clothes! They aren't new but it's still really nice to have something to where. I pick out some denim shorts and a cute little shirt that's white with the word 'love' written in black fancy letters. I also put on my black leather jacket. I slip on my black converse and grab my phone. It feels so nice to have my own place. I grabbed my keys and locked the front door behind me. Right on my driveway I see my beautiful baby. I hop on and turn her engine on. I drive to the nearest Starbucks to grab a quick breakfast.. Should I take him something too?! I ordered him just a mocha frap. As I ride to the park I look at all the nice families walking about having a good time. I want that to be me..us. I want my child to grow up in a loving family. I pull up to where he told me to meet him. "Gianazel?" His voice called. I turned around to see a guy in disguise. Of course. "Yeah.. Um hi." I say awkwardly. "You rode a motorcycle here?!" He said looking at my ride. "Umm... Yeah. I don't have my car so this is all I have.." I say. He smiles that cheeky grin he's famous for. "That's hot. Oh.. Umm" he said realizing what he said. I managed a giggle out. "Thank you.. And here. This is for you!" I say handing him a Starbucks cup. "Oh thank you! So umm.. I'm Niall." He said sticking his hand out for a handshake. "I'm Gianazel." I say taking his hand and shaking it. "Ok um I remember what happened.. Do you?" He asked as we walk side by side. "We met at a club a few months ago. And you bought me a few drinks. We danced and everything. And then we say down for a bit just chatting and you invited me over to your place. And then we kinda ya know. And then I woke up realizing what happened. And I felt terrible. I didn't want you to wake up and see this hideous person next to you. So I just grabbed my stuff and left." I said embarrassed. "I woke up hopping the girl I fell for was still there in my bed and I ended up waking up to my empty bed. I guess I should have known I wouldn't be able to get a girl like you but I tried.." He said looking down. "Wait...." I said referring to him saying he fell for me. "What do you mean?" I ask to clear things up. "When we were chatting. You talked to me like no one has. Like I was just a regular guy. And I loved that. And your personality is just so outgoing and your beautiful and you just amazed me that night. I fell for you. Pretty damn hard." He said sitting down in the nearest bench. He took his hoodie off and his sunglasses exposing his identity. "Niall.... I talked to you not because you were in a famous boyband. I found you interesting and you were just there to have a good time and getting to know you was one of the best things that happened in my life. I fell for you too. But I thought I was just one if your one night stands..." I say. I see flashes in front of us. "Niall I think we should go. The paps are here..." I say looking at the guys with cameras. "No. Let's stay. I want them to see me with you. I know were not together. But I would love to. I want to work my way up there. I want to be the best dad I can. And I want us to be the best parents we can. I just wanted you to know that." He said hugging me. I started to tear up. "Thank you Niall. And let's get to know each other more. Make sure we actually can get along.. And then well go from there." I said honestly. "Good idea... So Diana was telling me you bought a house huh?"he asked taking my hand and inter winning his fingers with mine. "Um yeah.. Wanna come on over? We can have a movie day!" I say excitedly. He chuckles. "I would love to." He said kissing my head. Gosh I think I'm falling for him all over again.. "Um I guess you can ride with me?" I said motioning to my ride. "NIALL! Is that your new girlfriend?! Is it official?! What's her name?!" The paps yell. "Yeah you drive though... I don't think I can. " he said ignoring the guys. I quickly hop on and give him my helmet. "To protect your identity." I said winking. I turn my baby on and drive down the road. He grips me tighter as I got a bit faster. I giggle at his actions. We finally get to my little house. "Well your going to have to teach me to ride babe." He said taking his helmet off. "It's not that hard. " I said laughing. "Your house is lovely.." He said looking at my little house. "Thank you. It's actually everything I wanted. I couldn't thank Diana enough!" I said unlocking the door. "Welcome to Casa de Gigi!" I say laughing. "Very nice.. It's better than the hotel I'm staying at." He said sitting in the kitchen counter. "Why don't you just stay here... I mean we need to get to know each other anyways.. What better way than to stay at the same place?" I say. His eyes light up. "That's brilliant!" He said hugging me right. "Great! Ok so um.. I guess we can go watch some tv" I say leading him to the living room. I turn on the tv to a celebrity news channel. "Niall has been spotted at the park with this mysterious girl. We've never seen her before! Can she be his next girlfriend?! And just a few minutes ago. We spotted him at her house. What can they possibly be doing?!" The lady said winking. "That's incredible." I say. "Yeah. They're probably out there waiting for one of us to go out there.." Niall said. "Oh well.. Guess were stuck in here!" I say. "So what movie shall we see?!" He asked. I thought for a bit. "I have no idea. You pick!" I say going upstairs to the theater room. "Woah this is cool!" He says jumping on the big water chair.

laugh at his childless. I can totally see him playing with our baby. "I just remembered. I don't have any movies Niall.." I say embarrassed. "How can you not have any movies in your house?!" He said as I sat down next to him. "Um because I kind of got kicked out of my parents house and I had no where to go and my friend john said he knew Diana. And then Diana helped me a bunch. She got people to donate lots of things to make this all possible.. But I got a job at Johns. So I'll slowly be getting there." I say. He looked at me with eyes of sorrow and something else. "Wow. Did your parents kick you because of me?" He asked. "Um not necessarily you. More like they kicked me out because I'm pregnant.." I say honestly. "Why would they do that? I'm sorry baby.. " he said with lots of emotion. "Don't worry about it. But talking about this I have to be at work at noon. Your welcome to stay here and chill or go out I mean whatever you want. " I say resting my head on his chest as he wraps his arms around me. "What do you work as love?" He asked. "I Um... I sing for the restaurant. Saturdays Sundays. And maybe Fridays." I said shyly. "You sing?! I have to see this! Let's go!" He said jumping up and grabbing my keys. I raised and eyebrow at him. "You think you can drive?" I asked seriously. He looked down at the keys in his hand and then back at me. "Actually um no. Here you go!" He said tossing them to me. I caught them and went to my room to grab my guitar. "Wow. You play guitar too?!" He asked surprised. I giggled at how big his eyes got. "Yes sir! " I say saluting him. I didn't have room to strap my guitar on so I told Niall to hold it as we rode there. He quickly put on his hoodie and glasses to somewhat make him look different. "Alright. You can either hang backstage or sit at a table. And after my shift we can have lunch here!" I say as we walk in. "Perfect." "Gigi!! Welcome back welcome back! Ready to please the crowd again?!" John asked leading me to the stage. "Oh you brought a friend! How sweet! Nice to meet you young lad! I'm John!" He said sticking his hand out. Niall took it. "I'm Niall." He said no louder than a whisper. "Alright well c'mon. I'll sit you at a table for two."he said walking him to his table. I went back stage and got myself ready. I wasn't only performing for the crowed. I'm performing for Niall too! Get it together Gigi! "Hope you all are having an amazing meal! Here's our next live show. Shes a good friend of mine and boy is she an angle. Gianazel Sparks everyone!" John said introducing me. The curtains open. My guitar is stapes on. "Hello everyone. I'm kind of new at this so um don't be scared to throw your tomatoes alright?" I say smiling. Everyone chuckled. "I'm gonna start off with one of my favorite songs. Hope you all enjoy!" I say. I strum my guitar and start singing counting stars by one republic. As soon as the song was over I got an applause. Then John came up again. "Ladies and gentlemen. It looks like we have a celebrity guest tonight who will love to sing for us. Niall Horan from one direction everybody!" He yelled. All the young girls quickly came up to the stage and took their phones out. John made sure they weren't to close to us. "Hello! Um I'm here with my good friend Gianazel. And were gonna sing a song together. Give us a second.." Niall said. "Ok um what song?" He asked away from the mic so only I can hear. "How about little things?!" I say. "Perfect! Won't it sound weird if there's two guitars though?" He asked. "Your right....Don't worry about it. You just keep strumming and singing. " I said winking. I took my guitar strap off and quickly packed it up. "Here we go.." Niall said. He started strumming and I say down to the piano. I remember learning this song as soon as it came out. I play and I get a surprised look from Niall. We soon sing our hearts out and then for Niall solo. He comes and sits on the piano and looks at me dead in the eyes as he sings. All the girls Started screaming. We soon finished the song in perfect harmonies. We got a big round of applause and lots of screaming. Girls were outside banging on the windows to get Niall to notice them. Wow. "Um thanks for coming out tonight. But I think it's time for us to get home. Thank you so much!" I say into the mic. We get off the stage and there was about 10 girls who were already inside the restaurant. "Are you two together?! OMG that is so cute! Gigi can you sign this?!" One girl said. I was surprised. "Um yeah of course!" I say taking the napkin and signing it. "OMG me too! You are an amazing singer and your so PERF! Ugh I wish I was you!" The other girls said. "All of you can get an autograph. If you want. And thank you very much. It means a lot." I say. Niall just kind if faded away. They didn't even notice he was there. Once I was done we took pictures too. "Alright that's enough for today. This little gal need to eat!" John said taking me and Niall away from the girls. "Alright so what shall I get you two?" John asked sitting us in the back where no one could see us. "I'll take my usual!" I say excitedly. "How could I forget?! What about you big boy?" He said toward Niall.

"Just give me the best you got." Niall said winking. John nodded and went to the back to help prepare our meal. "You were amazing. " Niall said looking into my eyes. "Thanks. You were too! I mean the people loved you!" I say laughing. "Really? Because it wasn't me they were wanting autographs from!" He said honestly. I blush at how sweet he's being. "Well thank you. But away from singing. Let's get to know each other. " I said. He nodded. "Hi I'm Gigi. Um I'm 5 feet tall and I have hazel eyes and dark brown hair!" I say jokingly. "Hello Gigi! I'm Niall. I'm not a natural blonde I have blue eyes and Im just a normal lad looking for a gal to settle with. " he said winking. We both have a laugh. "See your not Niall from a world famous boyband. Your Niall. The guy I fell for at a club. That and I was a bit drunk so yeah." I said smiling. "You know this is the most fun I've had in years! I know that preforming and everything is like a blessing and it is fun. But to sit down and have a normal lunch with a beautiful girl come once in a lifetime for me." He said taking my hand on top of the table. "Well I guess you can say it's once in a lifetime for me to be out on a date with an amazing guy." I say. He gave me a surprised look. "Let's not talk about that yeah? Um how about we just dig in?!" I say as the waiter brings out our food. We ate and the rest of lunch was perfect. We ended up staying even after we finished our late lunch and we just chatted. I got to know him a lot more. And he got to know me as well. And we had an amazing time doing it. Or at least I did. "Wow. It's getting late. We should start getting home." He said looking at his watch. "Yeah. Let's go home." I say liking the sound of that. We said our byes to John and we headed back home. "You know, I had a lot of fun tonight." Niall said as I walked him to my room. "I did too. Honestly I thought this was gonna be a lot harder. I mean, I didn't expect you to just believe me." I said honestly. "Well remember when we went over to my place. And I asked you if this was your first. You said yes and I didn't believe that but then I saw how nervous you were. And so I guess remembering that just helped me to believe you." He said. I nodded. "Well thank you for taking the time for me. I guess we can just see how it goes from here." I say only inches away from his lips. "Yeah... I guess so.." He said. There was a minute of silence as we stood there. Even closer than we were before. "I want to kiss you so bad right now." Niall said abruptly. I laughed. "Then just do it lover boy." I said sassily. I teased by getting my lips only millimeters away from his. As he started leaning in I backed away. "Goodnight!" I say loudly leaving him. "Oh no you don't. You can't just tease me like that!" He said following me to the bed. "Oh um. I think I just did." I said winking. Well her a taste of this" he said really close to me. This time I had the urge to kiss him. As I started to lean in I felt him move away. "Goodnight love bug!" He shouted as he turned the light off. I roll my eyes. Alright mr. Horan. It's on like donkey kong! "Goodnight babe. Don't let the bedbugs bite!" I say turning off my lamp. Ah. Today was a good day.

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