Midnight Memories

Gianazel... Or as everybody calls her, Gigi... Is kicked out of the house by her parents because of a little thing that will change her entire life. She and her new friend Diana have a plan to find this guy who changed her life so much. Who is he? Will he believe them or think shes just a crazed fan?


1. Intro

"Momma? Daddy? I have some news tonight...." I say getting up from our dinning table. I look at parents as they are smiling at me like I'm the best little girl ever. "I don't know how else to say this.." I say tearing up. "Baby girl you know you can always tell us anything!" My daddy said. Yeah right... "I- um..I-I'm preg--- I'm pregnant.." I say finally getting it out. I hear their forks drop as they are in utter shock. "What did you just say?!" My daddy says through his clenched jaw. "Daddy you have to just hear me out! I didn't mean for this to happen! I'm sorry!" I say full on crying now. He knows exactly what I said. "Do you know what you just did?! You threw your whole life away! I mean you can kiss that cheerleading scholarship away! How do you think your gonna even put that uniform on with a big belly?" My mother says. Of course. "Is that all you even care about? Cheer?! I get it. You were cheer captain! But you've pushed me into it so far that I'm not even sure I enjoy it anymore! All I need right now is for a mother or father to hold me and say everything is going to be ok. Even if it's not. I need support!" I say yelling at them now. "You have 45 minutes." My dad says. "For what?!" I asked confused still crying. "To pack all of your stuff and leave. Don't even bother coming back." He said. "Daddy you can't do this to me! What happened to us? Best buds remember?! I thought telling you guys would had made you realize that I need you guys more than ever!" I say trying to get them on my side. "I hope you know your wasting your packing time." and with that they both go to their room. What the hell?! Some parents they are! I run to my bedroom and grab a big backpack and fill it with clothes and essentials. I was about to walk out of the door but then remembered my most value ble possession. I back up and go in my secret closet to get my guitar case. Ok now I can go. "You'll see. I'm gonna have a nice family and were going to be the happiest and when you guys come crawling back for forgiveness. Your going to be wasting your time! Kiss your only daughter goodbye!" I yell as I slam the door. So I might not have a car because I got grounded from it a week ago. But I still have my motorcycle. I quickly fasten my guitar case to the back and hop on. I turn the motor on. The sound of an engine always calms me down. I speed away from that horrid house. Now where to?! How am I going to get the father of my child to notice me? Or for even that matter... Believe me? I can be just a stupid crazed fan to him!.... Ugh why did this happen to me.

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