The Bathroom Mirror

Everyone says death is so serene right ? Well it's not, especially for Jake. Jake Is sixteen now. He's been abused and bullied since he was five years old. He only has three friends, Skylar, Gage, and James. Jake couldn't walk down the school halls without hearing how ugly or stupid people think he is. Then everyday when he went home he got abuse from his father. His mom left when he was four and his father blamed Jake for her leaving. Sometimes Jake believed it was his fault too. Jake had been self harming since he was eight he thought it could help with his problems. Jake reached a point where he decided death was his only escape. He thought death couldn't be worse than living. Well he couldn't of been more wrong.


1. Everyday Life

        What if death isn't as serene as everybody thinks it is ? What if when you die all you have is never ending nightmares of darkness ? Death definitely wasn't what it was all set up to be. Especially not for Jake. Jake was tall with black hair and astonishing green eyes. He loved to draw and listen to music. His normal everyday life consisted of bullying, abuse, and self harm. Everyday Jake walked down the school halls all he heard was people calling him "stupid, ugly, or gay." It seemed to be a never ending spiral of harsh names and words. Nevertheless Jake did have a few friends. They were Gage, James, and Skylar. Gage has brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He loves to skateboard and play guitar. James has blonde hair with extremely brown eyes. He loves to do wrestling and he was gay. He secretly has a crush on Jake. Lastly there was Skylar. She's tall and slender with blue eyes and flaming red hair. She loves writing and also secretly has a crush on Jake. The four of them have known each other since elementary school. Jake never really knew and mom and couldn't remember much about her. All he had was a picture of her holding him as a baby. His father would never tell Jake why she left, he only said it was all Jake's fault. Jake believed it was too. He wanted to find his mother someday, he just didn't know if she would wanna see him. 

                                        *The morning when Jake gets up to go to school*
        "Jake! Get your ass out of bed!" Jake rolled out of bed onto the floor with his pillow over his face. "Alright i'm up!" Shouted Jake. Jake got up jumped into the shower and then got dressed into his favorite white skinny jeans with a black v-neck and black converse. He ran down the stairs trying to get out before his dad saw him but right before he reached the bottom step he got an orange thrown at his face. Jake's nose was bleeding everywhere. "Maybe you should eat sometime and i wouldn't hit you with fruit, you anorexic bitch." Snarled his father. "I'd rather be hit with fruit than your nasty fucking hands" Screamed Jake as he ran out and slammed the door shut. He got half way to school before Gage skateboarded up and saw that Jake was bleeding everywhere. "Whoa, what happened man?" Asked Gage. "What do you think? Same thing that always happens, my lovely father." Said Jake. "Your nose looks broken. I think we should go to the hospital and get it checked out." "Naw don't worry about it bro, I'll be fine once it stops bleeding." "Alright just tell me if you start getting lightheaded." Gage and Jake quietly walked the rest of the way to school while Jake wiped away the dripping blood. When they got to school all the whispering and name calling started. Jake's use to it though, he's just learned to ignore it. In first period Jake has to sit in front of his worst enemy, Alex. Alex has taunted Jake for the past five years. During the sixth grade Jake fell asleep in class and Alex covered him in sticky notes with all kinds of harsh names and phrases. When Jake woke up everybody was staring at him and Jake couldnt help but cry. Ever since then Jake has hated Alex with a passion. Today Alex just had to embarrass Jake by tripping him in front of the whole class. After Jake's nose already being hurt and then being tripped, he decided he was just gonna leave class. Jake sat outside until lunch when his friends found him. "Hey, how's your nose feeling by now?" Asked Gage. "It's fine just a little sore but it's whatever." Said Jake. "Huh? What happened to your nose?" Asked Skyler. "It was nothing." Said Jake. "Alright, well are you gonna go back to class or skip some more?" Questioned James. "Probably just skip, why?" Asked Jake. "Lets go to the mall then because I don't feel like being here either." Exclaimed James. The rest of their day went pretty good until Jake spotted his father at the mall.

*Authors Note~This Is My Very First Story To Ever Be Put Online And Read By People So Please Hang In There With Me If It's Not Very Good. I'd Really Love To Hear What Everyone Thinks Of It So Comment Pweasee ?(: Also I Don't Have Access To A Computer Very Often So No Promises I Will Update Through A Quick Time Period. I Love You All And Merry Christmas Eve !<3




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