No words

"Why wont you speak?"


11. The last letter

Louis's pov:

After we got home from the interview wear Harry told me how he really felt about me. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went inside my house only to find another note from Harry in my house. That's weird how he come in here... I never gave him a key to my house or anything like that I don't think at least. I opened the letter up he left me behind me. I took the letter out and started to read it. As I read the letter I had tears start to form in my eyes.

I know that he wrote the letter from the bottom of his heart and that meant the most to me. I just wish that I could be with him only I can't I have to be with Ealnore. I mean she's not a bad person or anything like that its just that I don't love her and she doesn't love me. Plus Harry is with Taylor right now.

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