No words

"Why wont you speak?"


4. I missed you

Niall's pov:

We just arrived outside of Louis's house. I was about to honk the horn or give him a call when he came running out side screaming im here im here. He climb in the car as I laughed really hard at him. "What's so funny Niall?" "Nothing nothing at all Louis. I just have something in my eye is all." I could tell that he wasn't buying it but he also wasn't going to push it. Me and Louis were in the back of the car well Zayn was in the front driving. Me and Louis just talked the hole way to Nados.

Zayn turned around to face us in the car. "Guys were here." We all got of the car still laughing like crazy. "Zayn tell me the story again. What did you do to Niall?" Zayn was telling Louis about the time that I wouldn't get out of bed so he took a bucket of cold water and poured it on me to wake me up. "So wait Zayn poured the water on you and then what did you do Niall." "I Grabbed his lucky comb and threaten  to brake it if he didn't let me sleep in a little longer." Zayn just shrugged and smiled at Louis.

Zayn's pov:

We were all siting around the table enjoying our time with Louis. When My phone started to go off. "Im really sorry Lou but I got to take this call ill be right back." Lucky for me Louis understood and so did Niall. I answered the phone to hear my sister crying over the phone.

Phone convo:

Zayn: Hey Doniya what's wrong why are you crying?

Doniya: Mom got in an accident! You need to come over here right away!

Zayn: What okay where is she Im on my way.

*End of phone convo*

Doniya gave me the name of the hospital and I was out their. I ran back out to wear Niall and Louis sat having a great time. "Guys I have to go my mom is in the hospital." "Omg im so sorry Zayn is their any way we can help you." I shook my head no and left with tears in my eyes.


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