No words

"Why wont you speak?"


12. Harry?

Louis's pov:

I finally decided that it was time to end this silly fight we were having. Only every time that I tired to talk to him he ignored me or walked away. Its like ever since I got the letter Harry has been acting strange. I don't get it. I thought that he loved me cause I shore love him. I was standing in the studio waiting for the lads to come. I looked up telling my self that the first person that walked in is who I would go to for help from Harry.

Part of me was hoping it would be Harry and the half of me was hoping it would be Niall. I don't know why but it just feels like Niall knows just what to say when I need him too you know? Sadly neither Harry or Niall walked in stead it was Liam. I walked up to Liam with Liam with tears in my eyes. "Louis what's the matter mate?" I ran into his arms and said, "I think that Harry hates me but I don't know why?"
Liam looked at me with a wearied look in his eye. "Louis you didn't know about this? Harry's leaving the band? Harry got in trouble for saying that he loved you on air so Marco is kicking him out. Where all really sad about it and where not having a recording season today Louis. I just came her to talk to management and see if Harry can stay. He did say that even if he cant say just knowing that you know that he loves you was worth it." I started to blush when I heard this.

"Wait then why wont Harry look or talk to me?" Liam looked down at the floor. "He said that couldn't be around you because it would only make it harder for him and you when its time to say good bye." I started to get teary when Harry finally walked into the room . I ran to him and flung my arms around him crying into his chest.

Harry's pov:

I just walked into the studio after getting at text from Marco saying he wanted to talk. I opened the door u only to see Liam standing their in shock and to be attacked bye a crying Louis. Okay what is going on????? I looked at Liam and mouthed "Why is Louis crying?" Liam looked at me and mouthed back "Sorry I told him what you told me." As soon as he said that I felt my face get hot with anger. I swear im going to kill this kid and I mean kill him!

Louis looked up at me with big red puffy eyes and said, "Harry this is all my fault you don't have to leave the band because I will for you. Your so good to every one and we can't lose you I just wont let it happen!" I stood their ready to fight Louis over it but something cam over me and I couldn't talk. It was like the words I wanted to use where their just out of reach. Louis looked at still crying. "Well Harry if your going to say something to me say it!"

I closed my mouth tears starting to form in my eyes. I jut pulled away from Louis and walked away. I held my breath as I walked into the room only to see Marco smiling at me. O boy this won't end well.

*2 hours later*

Finally it ended may I just say that their was as much yelling as I thought that their was going to be. I opened the door with my heart now in my throught and my face showing nothing but shock. Liam and Louis ran up to  me saying, "SO WHAT DID HE SAY? ARE YOU STAYING OR DO YOU HAVE TO GO?!!!" I looked at them a smile on my face. "I get to stay!!!" then after a bit of cheering I turned to Louis and said, "I have some news for you too." I stopped awhile knowing that this was the first I was talking to Louis in awhile. "What is it Harry?" I saw Louis swoled hard as II laughed. "Louis would you ..........."

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