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I have temporary writer's block for my movella so I thought I'd write some 1D imagines to try to get rid of it. My list of requests is long so I'll be posting updates pretty much daily:) thanks for reading!

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3. Really!? (Harry/Elin)

"Harry! Elin! Look over here!"

"Over here Harry!"

"Big smile for me!"



My boyfriend, Harry Styles, and I were at the premiere for a new Ashton Kutcher film, and part of the ordeal included a walk down the red carpet. It was a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Harry and I had been together for nine months, but this was the first time I was his date to a work thing. He was usually with the boys, but this premiere was a personal invitation by Ashton himself.

I looked at Harry. To say he was hot was an understatement; his black suit complemented his body perfectly, and his curly hair was hairsprayed out of his face. His eyes met mine as he grinned back at me. My first instinct was to run my hand through my blonde hair, but after sitting for two hours to have it styled into a gorgeous updo, that probably wasn't the smartest idea.

I glanced down to make sure my dress was in place. The red gown was strapless, and I was afraid that it would slip and I would flash everybody.

"Ellie," I heard him whisper in my ear, his breath hot against my neck. "You look beautiful. Stop worrying and just relax."

"Okay," I replied, taking a deep breath. "I'll try."

Harry wrapped his arm around my waist and smiled. I did the same, and listened to his advice. And it wasn't so bad after all.


Three hours later, Harry and I were at the bar at the after-party.

"Two more shots, please," he asked the bartender.

"Harry, I'm done with the booze."

He shrugged. "C'mon babe, have some fun."

I rolled my eyes. "I said no."

Harry's words were growing slurred. "Suit yourself."

After drinking another couple of beers, he stood up and turned to me. "Let's go dance."

He led me out onto the dance floor and began grinding on me. Seriously?! I was not in the mood. And there were so many people here-not just people, but BIG people. This was an A-List celebrity party.

"Harry, stop it," I said, backing away from him.

"You're no fun! I'll just go find someone else to dance with!"

He made his way over to a group of two or three girls I didn't recognize. They were wearing tiny little dresses with their cleavage practically falling out. Gross.

I could tell that they were all over him within seconds. The giggles, the smiles... I couldn't handle it.

"Harry, let's go." I was by his side within seconds.

He looked at me. "No."

"Yes. We're leaving."

"I said no. I'm not going."

"C'mon. You're drunk and it's getting late." I took his arm and tried to lead him away.

"Stop it, Ellie, I said I'm not going!" He swatted my hand away.

"You're totally wasted. I want to go home. " I glared at him.

"I DON'T CARE!" Harry screamed.

My jaw dropped. The room was loud, but a lot of people turned to stare.

"Fine, do what you want." I ran out of the party before bursting into tears.

The paps went crazy as I pushed through them and got in the waiting towncar that had driven Harry and I to the event.

As I arrived at my building, I thanked the driver and hurried inside. Harry could find his own way home.

I switched on the light in the kitchen of Harry and I's shared London flat.

I poured myself a glass of water and sat down at the table. This night was supposed to be fun, but Harry just had to screw it up. I didn't even have any tears left to cry.

I changed out of my gown and hung it on the closet. I put on an old t-shirt and crawled into bed.


I awoke to banging and clattering coming from the direction of the kitchen. I glanced at the clock- 4:30 am. Quietly getting out of bed, I made my way over to the door and peeked out.

There was Harry, stumbling around the room. When he noticed me, he staggered over and put his arms around he.

"Hiiii Ellllliiiieeee," he slurred. His breath stunk of alcohol.

"Get off me!" I pushed him away.

"Mmmm," he mumbled, still trying to hold on to me. I walked into the bedroom, and he followed me.

"No. You're not sleeping in here."

I grabbed a pillow and a blanket and dragged Harry into the living room. I threw the pillow onto the couch and pointed for him to sit.

"Go to sleep, Harry!"

I stormed back into the bedroom. As I crawled into bed, I looked down and realized that I was covered in glitter. Harry must have had it on his clothes when he hugged me. What the heck had he done?!

I was so worn out I couldn't even think about it. My head hit the pillow and I fell asleep in no time.


"Beep, beep, beep."

I groaned as I hit the button on my alarm. I had to go to work. Even though I was the girlfriend of a world-famous popstar, I still supported myself.

It was 7:30 am on Wednesday morning, the day after the movie premiere.

I got out of bed and hopped in the shower. After I was dressed and my hair and makeup was done, I went into the kitchen for some cereal and coffee. As I sat at the table, I saw Harry's phone had 10 missed messages, both text and voice.

From Liam:

What the hell Harry? Pick up your phone. We need you at the shoot today

From Louis:

Harry get your ass down here you're late

There were a bunch of other similar messages. Whatever. Harry could fix his own mistakes.

I was about to leave the apartment when I saw Harry, still fast asleep on the sofa. I really did need to wake him up...

"Harry. Get up." I threw a pillow at him. I wasn't being nice, this was for the sake of the other boys.

"Ugh..." He groaned.

"Get. Up. Now."

His green eyes glared at me.

"You're late to your stupid photo shoot. I'm leaving. And you better not go back to sleep."

"What did I do?" Harry asked.

"What did you do? What did you do? I don't know, Harry. Look online, maybe," I snapped.

Harry just looked at me, confused.

"You were so flipping drunk lady night that you screamed at me. In front of the entire party. And refused to come home. And God only knows what you did after that." I slung my bag over my shoulder and stormed towards the door.

"Ellie, wait!" He ran over and grabbed my arm.

"Don't. Touch. Me." I growled.

"I'm sorry, Ellie, I am. Sometimes I get carried away. But I never meant to hurt you."

"Carried away is an understatement." I walked out of the flat, slamming the door behind me.


I was a writer at a fashion magazine, so the second I got to work I flipped on my computer to finish my newest piece. Within five minutes, I was approached by my coworker and close friend, Liz.

"What the hell happened last night, Elin?"

"Huh? Oh," I replied, realizing that there was probably something on the internet about me storming out of the after-party.

"Perez Hilton has a whole article about Harry being ridiculously drunk. And you leaving the party alone in tears." She typed something on google on my computer to show me the page. There was a video of me sobbing, and photos of Harry with the sleazy girls. Great.

"Harry's an idiot. I'm not sure I'm gonna forgive him. But for now I have a job to do."


At 5:30 that night, I came back to the apartment and unlocked the door. As I walked in and flipped on the lights, I noticed my phone buzzing in my pocket.

From: Liam

I know you're upset with Harry. I'm chilling up on the roof if you need to talk when you get home.

Aww. Liam was so sweet. We lived in the same building, and the roof was a popular hangout spot.

I didn't even bother to change out of my work dress and heels. I needed to talk to Li.

I took the elevator to the top floor and then climbed the steps to the roof. As I opened the door to the cool London night, I saw rose petals on the ground. What? I thought I was coming to see Liam. I hoped I wasn't walking in on some other couple's proposal or something. That would be awkward.

I followed the rose petals around the corner and my breath caught in my throat. There was Harry in a suit, standing next to a candle-lit table with two place settings.

"Hi, Ellie," he said, a shy grin on his face.

I was so distracted by his hotness that I momentarily forgot to be mad at him.

"Harry, I-"

"Shhh. Let me talk. I'm sorry about last night. I screwed up big time. I should have listened to you. And nothing happened with those stupid girls. We danced and then went to another club before I went home."

I wanted so badly to forgive him, but he really hurt me.

"Please, Ellie, you mean the world to me. I never meant to treat you badly." I could see the pain in his eyes. He was sorry.

I sighed. "I... I forgive you, Harry." I was willing to give him a second chance.

A cheeky grin spread across his face. "I promise I'll never hurt you again."

"You better not," I smiled back.

"Come sit." He pulled out a chair for me.

I sat and he poured two glasses of wine before taking a seat across from me.

"Here's to a fresh start, with you and me." He held up his glass in a toast and I clinked it.

"Here's to us."


After a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs (which Harry had cooked himself), he led me to another part of the roof and clicked a switch. The roof was decked out in Christmas lights. It was perfect.

Harry pressed a button on an iHome and Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran started playing; it was one of my favorite songs. He put one hand on my waist and took my hand with his other one. I put my head on his shoulder and let him hold me as we swayed to the beat.

"I love you, Ellie," he whispered in my ear as he kissed my cheek.

"I love you, Harry."

Nothing was better than being in his arms. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but that was what true love was all about.


Hope you like it! :)

Just a note: sometimes it might take me a couple days to complete your request-don't think I forgot! I spend a lot of time on each chapter but I promise I'll get to everybody! :D

Thanks for reading!

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