They dont know about us

Idk what i write in this ahaha but this is my fan fiction about one direction... A girl(lexie) goes to their concert during christmas and finds a way to meet the boys, crazy things happen and basically its a one direction love story(: ill try to write another chapter every week if not sooner.


1. The Concert

Finally Saturday at 7:00pm on 12/20/13 the concert starts. Lexie's sitting in the front row with her friend bridget, and they are both dying with excitement. The lights go off and they hear the voice of Niall Horan screaming "are you ready!?" The audience screams and the boys run onto the stage singing One way or another. Niall, Liam,Harry,Loui,and Zayn are just having a great time with the audience enjoying themselves, and Lexie is just dancing and singing having a great time. All of a sudden the music stops and the boys said it was time to bring someone on stage. Lexie's heart started to race so fast she didn't even know what to do. They said harry could pick the lucky girl so he did. He walked all around the stage looking at each girl for 5 seconds each. He got to Lexie and just stared and stared and stared at her which felt like 10 minutes, he put his hand out and Lexie grabbed it. Before she knew it she was standing on stage in front of the crowd next to One Direction. Liam gave her a kiss on the cheek, Loui started to dance with her, Zayn hugged her, Niall gave her food, and Harry hugged her and gave her a kiss on both cheeks, the forehead, and the nose. Right there and then Lexie started to get so dizzy and passed out right on stage in Harry Style's arms.

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