They dont know about us

Idk what i write in this ahaha but this is my fan fiction about one direction... A girl(lexie) goes to their concert during christmas and finds a way to meet the boys, crazy things happen and basically its a one direction love story(: ill try to write another chapter every week if not sooner.


2. Meeting the boys

Lexie wakes up on a couch in a strange room shes never seen before, with a horrible head ache. She decides to get up and open the door quietly since she doesn't know where she is. She opens it and sticks her head out but nobody is there. She walks down a hall and sees a door that says "Dressing Room." She kept walking further and heard someone coming. Lexie ran back to the room she was in and just sat there. A few minutes later the door opened and Harry Styles walked in. She acted calm but was freaking out and he gave her a hug. Lexie asked him where she was and what happened. Harry said," Well you were at my concert, and i had to pick someone out from the crowd to come up on stage, i looked into your big brown eyes, and decided i'd choose you. I brought you up and you seemed calm, a little shy, and then as i kissed you on the nose you had fallen to the ground, and hit your head. I lifted you up and carried you off stage to this couch. The show just ended so i came to check on you." The one thing lexie said was, "Why did you choose me out of all the girls in that crowd?" And Harry said "i don't know there is just something about you that caught my eye."And he walked out if the room. Lexie wasn't sure what to do about Bridget so called her and said she would find a ride home. Lexie was confused not knowing where to go, what to do, so she decided to make the best of it. She sneaked out of the room and went up a stair case. She saw a door with a sign that said, "Stage Entrance," so of course she opened it and walked on. It was empty just the instruments and her body, and in that moment she realized she has a huge chance of meeting One Direction. She went to find the tour bus.

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