They dont know about us

Idk what i write in this ahaha but this is my fan fiction about one direction... A girl(lexie) goes to their concert during christmas and finds a way to meet the boys, crazy things happen and basically its a one direction love story(: ill try to write another chapter every week if not sooner.


3. Live While We're Young

Lexie is hidden in the bathroom of the bus as the engine starts. About 10 minutes into the ride she starts to think what will happen when someone has to go pee, will they yell at her, throw her off the bus, call the police? There was no need to worry though cause she was just about to find out. The handle turns the door opens and Niall Horan is standing in front of her. She was expecting to be yelled at by him but all he says is, "hey you're the girl that fainted on stage right. You must of snuck on, but i mean Live While Your Young right hahaha" Before she could say anything Harry jumps and runs over. He had a huge smile on his face and said "i was hoping to see you again." As Lexie is blushing Niall walks away and says "you can stay with us on tour if you want, but that does go into christmas." Lexie looks at Harry and he says i can tell you want to leave to be with family for christmas. But she shakes her head no. The words that come out of her mouth are "i want to stay i have no family left to be with. Im homeless, and alone in life." Harry startled, hugs her tight and says "you can stay here with me, with us no matter what. I promise i wont let anything happen to you."

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