Leanna Falza is only 19 and finds out that she has a long lost brother, after they bump into each other at a coffee shop.
Liam Payne is finally happy that his long lost sister is finally where she belongs, with him.


1. Familiar Faces

Leanna POV

My phone buzzes and as walk out of the coffee shop. I've gotten a text from Polly, my best friend.

Polly: Hey Leaaaa!!! Where r u? I'm at ur house bro.

Me: dude I'm just leaving the coffee shop, eta 5 mins

Polly: kay cya soon

I close my phone and look up to see myself falling. I bumped into someone.

"Sorry!" I exclaim as I pick up the papers that had fallen from the guys arms.

"It's okay, love! Don't worry." The guy says. I see his face and he seems vaguely familiar.

"Do I know you?" I ask, trying not to sound creepy or flirty.

"I'm not sure. You do look familiar. By the way, I'm Liam!" The guy, Liam says.

"I am Leanna. Nice meeting you." I hand him the papers I collected and walk away. He stops me.

"Listen, Leanna! What's your last name? Is it Falza?" Liam asks. Oh my gosh. That is my last name.

"Y-yes. Yes, that's my last name. How did you know?" I stuttered.

"You're my sister." Liam says quietly.

AUTHORS NOTE!!!!! Hey y'all! New movella! Btw first chapters are always short! Have a good day/night/morning/afternoon! Byeeeee!!!!!!! -KJer

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