Midnight menories

Taylor is at a hotel with her friends for summer vacation, apparently one direction was in that hotel. But what she didn't know her whole like was going to change when she bumps into the Harry styles....


2. what's going on

I ran strait up the stairs to our room.

"KARRLI ?! Karrli where are you ?!!" I yelled franticly.

"I'm right here she said what's wrong ?"

"There is a limo down Stairs and girls screaming behind it!"

"Its probably nothing" she said brushing it off. "There is a lot of celebrity's in New York it's probably not big anyway."

"Yeah I guess so..." I said sadly

"Well go back down stairs and finish your coffee you need to relax I got your stuff."

"Okay are you sure about my stuff?"

"Yeah your fine now go" she said smiling.

"Okay thanks" I hugged her and walked to the elevator again.

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