Why did he pick me? (harry styles fanfic)


4. Chapter 4

Harry P.O.V.

I saw her smiling. It was the most beautiful I ever saw. I wonder what she was thinking about?

So what's on your mind, babe? She blushed at the nickname. I smiled. Why does she have to be so adorable? I could like stare at her forever. She had beautiful long brown hair and had these amazing brown eyes that you could stare at for ages. She was perfect, but why do I have feelings for her so fast? Was it love at first sight? No, I just met her. Maybe a crush, yet I've never had such strong feelings for a girl. But you have to admit she was pretty hot. But I wouldn't rush.

Avery P.O.V.

I looked at Harry, he seemed like he was staring but I didn't mind. But really when I blushed I saw him smile at me. I felt my stomach doing backflips being a wonderful gymnast. But everything him was perfect. His emerald green eyes his adorable dimples when he smiled and his curly brown locks. But I hardly knew him but feelings already? Maybe a crush I guess. But never love at first sight, I never believe in stuff like that. It's stupid, I've never loved somebody except my mom. It was a motherly love, I miss her so much.

Harry asked me a question which made me stop my wonderful thinking, ah.. I'm so smart ( note the sarcasm ) he asked me " So love, what do you think about the boys? " well you and the boys are really kind to let me stay but I think I'm fine right here.

I was about to walk away till some guy started to flirt with me? Yea. But I could smell alcohol in his breathe. He said " Hey babe, how about you come over to my place tonight? " his eyes full of lust. He started to hold my thighs. His hands going up. I whimpered, then I had to do something. I was about to scream but he put his hands in my mouth " Don't worry, I won't hurt you. We will just have some fun." He said as she smirked. I bit his hand and screamed.

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