Why did he pick me? (harry styles fanfic)


2. Chapter 2

Avery P.O.V.

So that's why I'm stuck in the streets of London. I notice a group of boys? There were 5 boys, I think one of them looked at me.... Them they approached me, I whimpered. This beautiful lad with brown little curled locks said " We won't hurt you.. We just came to ask why your aren't at home.. It's not safe here at night. " he said in a worried voice. "Oh by the way I'm Harry Styles" he said while his beautiful green eyes looked at me and smiled.

Harry P.O.V.

Me and the lads were walking till we saw a girl. She was beautiful and I went to her to tell her she should go home and it's not safe She looked scared of me and she seems to not know that we are a world famous boyband. Or she might just hate us but I really don't know. But then when I saw her eyes it looked like her was crying and her face.... It was burnt... I looked at her and had a worried face... I asked her "What wrong love?" She said "I ran away from home because I was being raped and a abuse from my foster dad." She started to tear up. "I'm sure you can come over to my place." I said. "Oh.. I could never do that and I don't know if I can't trust you." She whimpered in fear. "Love I won't hurt you. I swear. I'm Harry Styles, I'm in a famous boyband." I showed her the rest of the lads.

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