Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


8. Ready. (Dirty so younger readers just don't bother) 14


Justin: babe are you feeling okay? 

Sav: ik we have only been dating for a day but....

justin: I want you too! 

Sav: how'd you know

justin: because iv known you for so long so it doesent matter how long we've been dating since we've always loved each other *kisses her* 

*kissing back passionately, justin licks for entrance, allowed, sav tugs on his shirt slowly taking it off not breaking the kiss,justin takes off her clothes leaving her in her undergarments,sav takes off his jeans while justin unbuckles savs bra sav moans into the kiss justin moved down to her neck giving her 2 hickeys then to her Brest rubbing and kissing while savannah moans justin goes all the way down and touches her clit, aHhahahahah sav ur so wet, justin I can't help it ur killing me right now just eat me already!!!! justin starts teasing by pushing one fingering sav moans Justin adds another finger sav moans even more.. Justin finally moves his lips down to her clit and starts licking at eating her out before sav could cum he stopped, justin!!! Ur a tease come here she pushes him back on the bed and pulls his boxers down and wow he's huge plus bigger with a boner! Sav starts to lick him lollipop and stops before he could cum just to tease him then justin lays her down about to enter but asked her first sav stopped him.... Pulled out a condom from the drawer uh sav did u plan this..ahhaha, no babe I just wanted you so I bought some, out it on me then ;) sav slid it on and let him 

he asked one more time,JUSTIN just out urself into me! *moans*, dang babe moan my name louder as he slowly inserted himself into me it really hurt I could feel a tear slide down my face....justin almost pulled out as soon as he saw "babe I'm sorry am I hurting you?" No babe just keep going I'm sure it will go away uhhhhh*moan* justin got faster and faster and sav an justin were moaning really loud until they both came... They crashed beside each other on the bed and fell asleep they woke up a couple hours later and jes wasn't home so 

sav called heer


sav: jes are u comin? 

Jes: already did but I left to my friends to sleep here cuz I can't sleep when my little sister are fucking in the room next to mine!!!!! 

Sav: sav I'm sorry but it was idea I really ugh just wanted him! 

Jes: whatever it's ur virginity if u were ready it ps fine babe but I'm not supporting u if you get pregnant 

sav: dw babe I won't we used protection and if I did I'd use plan b just not in the position for a baby anytime soo np come home now I got good news ur gonna be so proud!! 

On my way! babe 

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