Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


7. Confusions


this was happening so fast justin asked me out next day were in New York starting a modeling career and acting and well justin wants me to sing too! Ahhh idk what to do! 


sav: hello I'm savannah Candice swanepoel 

vs: beautiful just perfect everything ur face hair body name! Go sit with our very own Adriana Lima babe ur joining the runways! Ur officially an angel no audition needed 

sav: aaaaa-aaaaa-Ree yyy-Ooo-u seriouse :O 

vs: yes babe ur perfect! 

Sav: this is perfect! 

Justin: babe that amazing! *kisses her on the cheek* 

sav: I love you justin. I'll do the duet but I'm not ready for a career in singing I'm gonna stick to modeling an ofcourse a little acting. :) 

justin: babe I support u in everything you do I just want one duet :) 

sav: ok babe ahahah

adriana: hey babe what's ur name? 

Sav: savannah Candice swanepoel

adriana: wow ur beautiful 

sav: thanks but coming from you! 

Adriana: do you have a phone I mean so we can text an hangout yeno u seem nice and I were gonna be in the runways together :) 

sav: yeah here *gives Adriana the phone* 

adriana: oh ya guess what our manager is letting you wear the fantasy bra for this year!!! Congrats girl 

sav: *crying of happiness* 

adriana: aw ahha babe ur so lucky too no audition and already an angel and the fantasy bra I'd really be this happy too! 

Sav: yes extremely happy

adriana: well I better get going now I'm meeting a couple friends tonight wanna come? Oh btw how old are you? 

Sav: um I'll pass on this one sorry I just moved today and need to shop a bit and have a little date night with my babe ahah I'm 18 :/

adriana: wow! U pr a keeper ahha u get the runways till ur about 45 depending on how healthy you are! 

Sav: wow this is amazing 

adriana: yes it is girl ahhaha see ya later babe I'll text u we'll hang out this week sounds good?

sav: YESSSS ofcourse ahah

justin: wow babe...

sav: IK *kisses him passionately* 

justin: let's shop

sav: no babe home now please I can't shop today I don't feel the best too much excitement for an hour :') *crying happily* 

justin: sure love let's go! 

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