Just Lovely

My name is Valentine Flynn I started dating Niall Horan and we got married and ha dbabbies and lived happily ever after (just kidding this isnt your normal I'm gonna live forever with a member of the biggest boyband in the world) *Read if you wanna find out what really happens


2. Chapter 1

My name is Valentine Flynn I’m 19 years old I actually live a normal life except I’m best friends with the girls from Little Mix. It’s not like I get a lot of attention from it but its not normal being best friends with international pop stars. As you know Perrie is Dating Zayn from One Direction so Ya I’ve met them a couple times and from the first time I met them I’ve had a little tiny secret crush on Niall the only one that knows is Perrie because she says you can sit it in my eyes when I look at him I think that’s just weird but me liking Niall makes Perrie happy because she think someday we can go on a double date I just tell her that just because I like him doesn’t mean he likes me but she crazy. Anyway Perrie is taking me with her to Zayn’s flat today she says it’s just in case Niall shows up so of course I’m being forced to go to Zayn’s flat. Now to get on with the story…


*Valentine’s POV*

Perrie and I just arrived at Zayn’s flat and it was just my luck that all the boys of One Direction were there but I guess it would make it less awkward because if it was just Perrie, Zayn, and I that would be weird so as Perrie and Zayn said they were going to have “Private Time.” I somehow ended up playing truth or dare with four idiotic boys.  (H-Harry N-Niall L-Louis V-Valentine LI-Liam)

H- Louis Truth or Dare

L- Dare

H- I Dare you to go commando for the rest of the game

L- ok but what about Valentine

V- I dont really mind I can brag to everyone just kidding ya dont take all your clothes off keep your boxers on

L- ok 

*At the end of the game*

L- Valentine Truth or Dare

V- Plot twist im going with truth

L- Lets go back to the old days who do you like

V- No one

LI- theres gotta be someone your blushing

V- there is someone but you dont know him 

I really hope they dont keep pushing it because if they find out I like Niall it'll be acquired and they'll tease me about it

N- ok guys if she to embarrassed to tell us leave her alone

V-Thank you Niall

and at that moment Perrie walked out and told me that we needed to go

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