Our Parents Started Out As Friends Now Look At Us

This is a TRUE story of Michael and I
Our Parents Colleen (Michael's Mom) And Melissa (My mom) had been friends for years then when they had Michael then me the year after we were destined to be friends But when we were little we did something that we propably shouldn't have done and now its haunting us


1. Finding out

Michael and I have known each other since before we were born our parents have been friends for a long time since now were 13 and 14

I learned something really interesting today about who I'm gonna see tomorrow at the annual Christmas eve party

My aunt called me today and said are you ready to see your little loverbird and me confused as ever was like whos my loverbird and she said you know Michael

I was like noooooooooo I haven't seen him in 364 days and you think that were gonna be all loverbirds that's gross I mean its Michael

My aunt said you know that's not what you would've said when you were little you guys kissed I was so confused I was like when? where? really?

when you were little on a swingset  when the sun was setting and he kissed you and I was watching you guys at the time so that's why no one ones about it except you me and Michael

Well I should go because I have to go pick out something to wear tomorrow

Pick something out that's sexy who knows maybe he will meet you under the mistletoe

Well as I thought was this really true I debated even going to the party anymore

I mean its my favorite party of the year but could I really look at Michael all night tomorrow wondering if I liked the kiss or if I wanted another one from him under the mistletoe


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