Ghostly Love

"Pale as white roses, clear as the sky. Hiding from people, but these are just lies. Ghost aren't just scarers, they have a heart. Nice, kind, and cheeky! Or mean hearted fools. But one of those ghosts have a very small heart. Seeing what you do, YOU are the one." Sammy Monteal is a young, smart orphan girl who always TRIES to follow orders. A fake smile, fake personality, and fake curiosity. But when she's alone, or when she THINKS she's alone, she tries to forget about anything that happened in the day and does anything she wants in her free, "alone" time. But when will she figure out that there is a certain "someone" who watches her every move...unseen?


1. Chapter One

        "Sammy! Where are you?!" yelled Mrs. Bloom from downstairs. A puff of dirty blonde hair popped out of the black-and-pink comforters. The fair skinned girl threw the covers off and groggily walked over to the mirror to look at herself. She stared at her reflection, noticing that she looked as pale as a ghost. Yawning quietly, the blue-eyed girl brushed her mane of hair down and rubbed her eyes, ignoring the fact that her eyes were blood shot red from staying up longer than the other nights she worked. She had light black bags under her eyes and she walked over to the bathroom.
        "Aw man. Another day of working, another day of no sleep." The girl replied to her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She quickly brushed her pearl-white teeth and applied a tiny amount of foundation to hide the bags under her eyes. Quickly curling her hair, Sammy pulled on a bright blue blouse and slipped on a pair of black skinny jeans. The now curly-haired girl slipped on her skull-designed Heelys and grabbed her purple book bag.
        "SAMMY!!!" screeched Mrs.Bloom again. Sammy jumped up in surprise and rolled over to the orphanage's caretaker. As soon as Mrs.Bloom took a whiff of One Direction's perfume, Our Moment, she glared at the blondie and literally woke the whole neighbourhood. Sammy tried to escape, but Mrs.Bloom grabbed her by the bag and pulled her back inside the orphanage.
        "Sammy! When I call you down to do something, you don't make me wait half an hour for you, got that?!" Mrs.Bloom screeched into Sammy's face. Sammy nodded in fear and Mrs.Bloom let her go. "Now go off to school. I don't want anymore calls of complaints from the office anymore today, got that Missy?" Sammy scurried away and whimpered quietly.
        "Oh, how I wish my life was easier!" Sammy thought to herself. "If only Mrs.Bloom wasn't the wicked witch of the West!"
        Sammy didn't notice that she was still just outside the orphanage and that Mrs.Bloom heard everything that Sammy had said about her.
        "Shoot!" Sammy started in surprise. She slowly glanced at Mrs.Bloom, who was glaring at her through the window, and quietly chuckled."Um...did I say that last part out loud?"
        "School! NOW!!!" screeched Mrs.Bloom loudly. Sammy jumped again and raced off to school alone. Or as she think she was. Little did she know was that a certain "friend" of her's was following her, unseen and out of sight. 

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