The Games

25 girls enter this competition known as The Directioner Games. 5 girls for each boy. Every time their team wins it helps them get closer and closer to being able to meet their idol. What they didn't know is what happens to the boys every time they lose a competition. The guy in charge of the games has a secret, a secret that will eventually ruin One Direction.


4. Chapter 4

After the tv show ended I looked at Harry's and Zayn's arms.

"That's so weird." I said.

Some security guards walked into our room.

"Get your stuff guys and lets get going." One of them said.

Me and Niall walked back to our room and grabbed our bags and walked back out in the hallway where everybody was waiting.

"Ok let's go." Paul said.

We all walked down the hallway and into the elevator. We got into the main lobby and there were a bunch of girls outside screaming. The boys and I looked at each other.

The security guards circled around us as we walked out the doors. The fans started screaming really loud. We slowly walked through the crowd of girls. They were trying to reach out and grab us.

"Don't tear me apart!" Niall screamed ducking down and crawling across the ground.

We all started laughing at Niall. He likes to joke around a lot.

We all walked onto the tour bus, except Niall who crawled in and pretended to collapse on the floor. We all laughed at him and then he got up.

I took my stuff and put it on my bed. I looked at the red mark on my arm. I really wanted to know what it's from and why Zayn's and Harry's started to hurt. I rubbed it for a minute. It looks just like a bug bite, but bug bites don't just start hurting for no reason and it wouldn't have bit us all in the same place. I sat there just staring at it. What could it possibly be?

"Liam, come here!" Niall yelled from the other side of the tour bus.

I walked in to see all the boys staring out the window.

"What are you guys looking at?" I asked walking over to them.

"Look at this." Louis said.

I went over to the window and looked outside. We were pulling up to the arena. It was huge! All of us get so excited to see the arenas. The bus stopped and we all got out and walked inside. The concert wasn't for a couple of hours, so we had time to ourself before we had to start getting ready. I walked into the dressing room and sat on the couch. I got on my phone and went on Twitter. I stayed there on Twitter for a really long time I guess because Harry came and told me that I needed to start getting ready. I was just scrolling through my mentions and following some fans, I must have been doing that for a while. I got up and went and found the boys and we started warming up our voices. Then we went and got dressed and got our hair done. We could start hearing people coming into the arena. We were doing our pre-show rituals. We stood in our places as the beginning of Up All Night started playing. The fans started to scream. I looked at all the boys and smiled at them. The walls came up and I could see the arena. It was full of screaming fans. I started singing and I walked out on stage. Harry started singing his part while I walked around waving at fans. The chorus came and I looked at all the fans jumping up and down and singing along. I smiled. I loved doing this everyday, it is absolutely the best job ever. And it makes it better that I get to do it with my 4 best friends. Without them I would be nothing.

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