I Think I'm In Love With.....My Step Brother

This story may contain, bad language, dirty scene's, fights, and a lot of drama.
Hi I'm lilly a 17 year old teenage girl with a bit of a big secret. My dad died when I was nine, and it really made my mom depressed. After three years my mom Anne went to a bar and came back with some man named Dan. Then before I knew it Dan was moving in with his son....liam, my arch enemy since the first grade, and if you want to know what my, or should I say mine and liam's secret is then you need to read to find out.


1. one

Hi, I'm lilly a 17 year old teenage girl, with a bit of a big secret. So please pay attention to my story.


Lilly's P.O.V 

Do I look good? My mom asked me as she was looking in the mirror. Yes mom you look great, don't worry. I said as I hugged her tightly. Thank you sweet heart she said as she walked out of our apartment door and left. I walked over to my bedroom and laid on my bed, and started to text my boyfriend James.

 To James<3

Heyy babe, my mom is gone u can come over now.

From James<3

K one sec=)

I laid on my bed for about ten minutes when I heard a knock on the door. I walk over to my mirror and fixed my hair,  then answered it. "Hey sexy" he said as he walked in. "Hey" I replied simply to him. "So what do you want to do?" I asked, he walked up to me and started to kiss my neck. "James stop I'm not in the mood" I said as I slightly pushed him away. "When are you ever?" He said as he began to walk to the door. "James wait" I exclaimed. "NO YOUR USELESS TO ME"! He yeld as he slammed the door makeing the windows shake. I walked over to my window and watched him leave in his black Honda.  I didn't cry because he always does this type of stuff when he is pissed. I sat down on my bed, doing nothing "god my life is boring" I thought to myself. Just then I heard my phone vibrate, it was Kenny( my best guy friend). 

From: Kenny:)

Hey girl wat you up to :)

To: Kenny:)

Nothing sitting here bored as'f hbu

From: Kenny:) 

Same  come to the park

To: Kenny:)


I grabbed my coat and slid my black vans on and began to walk to the park.  When I got there, there was a lot of people as in "preps" you no the people who think their so much better than you when in all reality...their not.I walked in and sat next to Kenny, oh and another thing Kenny Is gay, so yeah if your not a boy then don't ask him on a date, eventhough he is to die for. Anyways, as me and him talked out and back, I looked up and saw the football players and cheerleaders walking into the gate of the park. "Fuck, let's go before something starts" I said as I grabbed Kenny's hand and pulled him to the exit. You see I'm not what you call perfect, I more of a skateboarding type girl. My modo is and I quote "no fucks to give". I don't get dressed up for nothing at all, not even church. I'm cool with the "preps", even though I could give a shit less about them, but I do  not at all like the football players nor the snobby cheerleaders. Liam, the head dick of the team, is my bully. He trys everything in his power to bring me down.  I think  he needs a mom, his walked out on him a few years back, no wonder if I had him as a son I would have left to, so who can blam her. But anyways, I pulled Kenny out of the exit, just when I heard my name being called out. "LILLY! I heard I turned around only to see.....liam. I turned over to Kenny, then I started to walk to my house, completely ignoring liam. When I got home I saw my moms car in the driveway, but all the lights were off. Bye ken I said as I entered the apartment. Bye to you to he replied and started to walk to his house. "Mom"? Are you here I said as I slightly knocked on her door. I waited about two minutes when I put my ear up to her door and heard whispering. It was a mans voice, and my moms. All I could make out of what they was saying was, (mans voice) "what do I do?" He said. "Lay beside the bed, I'll tell her I'm going to sleep".I heard my mom say back to him. "Boy I'm about to fuck with my mom so hard" I thought to myself as I slowly opened her door. "Hey hun" she said with a bit of a intenisness in her voice. I walked over to were she was laying. "So mom, why are you in your bath robe?" I asked as if I was clueless of what is clearly going on. "I-I- was just about to take a shower" she said in a bit of a choke. "At 2 O'Clock in the morning"?  I questioned her. "Yeah" "its late and stuff and shouldn't  you be asleep"? She questioned back to me. "Yeah, your right. Night mom, night who ever you are" I said as I lend over the bed and saw a man. My mom looked awkwardly at me and so did the man as he rose himself up off the floor. And yes.....I walked out of the room "like a boss". Anyways I walked to my bedroom, and laid on my bed. And got on my Facebook. I was scrolling threw my newsfeeds, when I got a message. 

facebook user:

y did u ignore me?

I looked at the message in confusions, then i replied back to him|her

to facebook user: 

idk you so there for i cant answer that.

facebook user: 


so this is liam im talking to my bully no I think im good I thought to myself. I walked over to the kitchen when I heard a knock on my door. "Good lord its 2:30 in the morning" I said aloud hopeing that they would leave, but no they keep knocking. I walked over to the door. "What do you need?" I said in a leave me alone type voice. When my eyes flew wide open. "You"....he said.    Liam is this a joke I said as I went to close the door. "Yes hahaha, and your face was priceless" he said as he forced himself in. " why are you hear"? I said as I sat down on my couch. "I'm waiting on my dad he said as he sat beside me. Wait that's your dad. I said a bit surprised. " yup" he simple said as he put he put his arm on the back of the couch. "You look really sleepy" I said as I looked him in the eyes. "Well it is 2:45 in the morning he said as he looked at his watch". " yeah , im sleepy myself" I said as I laid down on the couch. " I never really seen you without makeup". He said as he looked strate down at my face. " yeah I know" I said, and that was the last thing I remembered.


I Woke up to a guy in the bed beside me. With his shirt off, and I was in my panties and bra. I pushed the boy over, and screamed. He woke up scared, and he feel off my bed. I started to laugh. "What the fuck?" He yeld  as he stood up and grabbed his shirt. "What happened last night?" I said as I rubbed my eyes. "You raped me" he said through his laughs. "No I didn't" I said as put on one of my floppy tee shirt. "You did" he said still laughing. "Well I was high last night". I said. " I was to" he said sitting down on my bed. "  I fucked my bully" was all I could think about. I herd a knock on my bed room door. "Come in" I said as I motions liam to lay under my bed.  My door creeked open. "Hey hun" my mom said as she entered . "Hey" I replied to her. "So did you have fun last night"?  I felt my cheeks get hot. " what are you talking about?" I said. "You was playing monopoly with that liam boy" or that's what you told me before y'all came in here. She said clueless. Thank you Jesus I thought to myself.



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