I Think I'm In Love With.....My Step Brother

This story may contain, bad language, dirty scene's, fights, and a lot of drama.
Hi I'm lilly a 17 year old teenage girl with a bit of a big secret. My dad died when I was nine, and it really made my mom depressed. After three years my mom Anne went to a bar and came back with some man named Dan. Then before I knew it Dan was moving in with his son....liam, my arch enemy since the first grade, and if you want to know what my, or should I say mine and liam's secret is then you need to read to find out.


2. a|n


I need parts 

Lillys bff

 Louis gf

Nialls gf

Zayns gf


And trust me this story is going to be super good:)  

Byee beautiful's


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