Justin Bieber Man of my Dreams?

This story is also written on Wattpad by me so if it looks familiar its not copy written kay?

My best friend? A Justin Bieber manic. When she tells me she got two back stage passes to his concert and made me go, I just couldn't turn back.... What will happen? Stay tuned to find out!!


9. The Ex

I threw the blankets off and opened the door totally shocked to see who was standing before me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked getting tears in my eyes.

"GET OUT!" I yelled.

"Woah, calm down, I just want to talk Amber." Jesse said.

Jesse is my ex boyfriend. He broke my heart 2 months ago, and I didn't plan on hearing about him ever again. I hadn't thought about him since I started crushing on Noah.

Right now, I hate him with all my guts! This is why. 2 months ago Miley, Bridget, and I had been at a party that was hosted by Jesse, we all ended up playing truth or dare, when Dillon, one of his football friends had dared him to kiss this girl named Jennifer. I got really angry because it wasn't just a peck it was a make-out session if you ask me. I get upset and ran out of the house. Jesse had followed me and apologized and started to kiss me. Then I forgave him. The next week Dillon threw a party and I started hearing noises in the closet, I opened it up and totally freaked out! Jesse had been cheating on me with the Jennifer-slut-burger.

"We have nothing to talk about." I said sternly.

"Yes we do." Jesse said pushing me out of the way to get inside my room and slowly laid me down and got on top of me. I struggled to get him off, but he was to heavy.

"Get..off..of..me" I said barley able to breathe.

Jesse got off of me and started to stare at me.

"Again, what do you want? Go with Jennifer! Your wonderful girlfriend, cuz I obviously was never good enough." I said suddenly.

"We broke up." He said looking me in the eye.

"Why? Did she finally realize how much of a douche you are?" I asked sarcastically.

"No. She did the same to me. She cheated on me with Dillon." Jesse confessed.

"Ah.. so you decided that Amber Rose is your 2nd option? Is that it?" I said.

"No. I just wanted to apologize and hope we could at least be friends." He said.

"At least? What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"I was hoping I could be your boyfriend again but then I heard about Noah, and backed down." he said.

"Oh that." I said quietly.

"yeah, that. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get your number again." Jesse said.

After a few more minutes of catching up he left and gave me a peck on the cheek. Then I got two text messages.

BRIDGET @ 2:30 PM:



and the other said

(408) 583-7586 @ 2:29



I saved the contact and texted back.


Yes I am awake!






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