Justin Bieber Man of my Dreams?

This story is also written on Wattpad by me so if it looks familiar its not copy written kay?

My best friend? A Justin Bieber manic. When she tells me she got two back stage passes to his concert and made me go, I just couldn't turn back.... What will happen? Stay tuned to find out!!


10. The Concert!

*CONCERT ! (Sorry its short, the next chapter has more! Just comment for more, become a fan\follower!*


It was 5:00 and the concert wasn't until 7, we still wanted to get there early. I admit I was a bit excited myself.


Justin Bieber had came in with winds singing All Around the World, for some reason I broke down crying as if I had been a fan forever! The next song was Thought of you then, Never say Never, Take you, Maria, Beautiful Boyfriend, As long As you love me, Beauty and a Beat, One Less Lonely Girl, Fall, Be Alright, and Believe. After the great concert, we went back stage. No one else was there but us? Weird. Well, it was the last show and in New York. I heard Bridget say they raised the price for back stage on the last show, so we were the only ones.

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