Pull Me In

When Zayn Malik captures Jade Evans with his sharp fangs he's not only taking her to deep into the world of vampires, but deep into his love. They aren't made to fall in love, but what happens when they do? How will they handle the consequences?
Pull Me In.


1. Prologue

Jades POV.

I began to breathe heavily at the sight of him. I have never seen anyone like him. His eyes are a burning crimson, an extreme opposite from his pale white skin. The edges of his fingertips have a red liquid that appears to be blood. I could faintly see the outline of his body, making his way over to me by the small glare of the moonlight.

His mouth opened slightly, leaving me gasping for every breath. There are sharp fangs attached to his gums that seem to be covered in a light layer of dark blood.

His hands grasp the back of my neck and I tremble in fear. My breath hitched in my throat, and I held my breath as his black lips touch my innocent peach skin.

As soon as he heard my cry, he pulled away for a split second, surprised. I ran my tongue over my dry cracked lips. He brought his lips against my neck once again.

"Let me go!" I cry, in desperate use to have him pull away again, but it seems to be no use.

His strong teeth dig into my neck causing extreme pain to shoot through my body. He began to suck my neck, allowing the blood to come pouring out. All of a sudden, I felt no pain, I could feel my very own fangs grow and bang through the soft pink flesh. I glanced at the tall figure beside me, he stared straight into my eyes causing an indescribable feeling to spread through my body. I closed my eyes tightly and immediately when I opened them, they began to fire a deep shade of red.

His pale hand slid into mine and a feeling I can't describe rushed through my body. A feeling of electricity rushed through my blood, faster than I've ever thought possible. Before I knew it I was pulled into a dark hole. And I let him, whoever he is, pull me in.

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