Stuck in Wonderland (One Direction Fan Fiction)

A story of love found in Wonderland, but will Harry and Katy find the others? And will they ever get out?


1. Prologue

The Queen had captured me and honestly it was probably best. I don’t care for the weird little twins; Tweedle Dee and Dumb no more, if I was still out their those silly flowers and mad people would drive me insane, at least I’m in a safe room, never the less it’s bare and bars hold it together. Also the jailer keeps giving me strange stares, with his green eyes from beneath his balaclava, rather uncomfortable…

He suddenly stands up straight and loud stomps head my way, the Queen. “She looks nothing like Alice,” she screams at the man that brought me here “where did you come from lovely?” she asks me opening the bars and taking my hand. “I fell down a hole.” “Just like Alice,” I heard her whisper to the man “and what is your name?” she patted my hand. “Katy, whose Alice?” I wish I didn’t ask a shocked look flashed across the man and the jailers face, the Queen dropped my hand and turned away “she’s useless, she knows nothing of where Alice is, OFF WITH HER HEAD!” “NO, what? My head? Please NO!” The strange card shaped soldiers push me back into my jail block and lock the door, “tonight at 6 be ready,” one of them tells me and they all march off surrounding the Queen.

The jailer is still stud outside my bars and he comes closer to me “psst, you Katy, shh stop crying, you’re going to be alright,” he’s trying to soothe me, I don’t understand why. “That dumb ass card doesn’t know what he’s talking about, you’re going to be fine, I’m going to get you out of here,” he pulls a big ring of keys out of his pocket and unlocks the jail block’s door with a large rusty red key. “Here take my hand, quick, before they come back,” he reaches out to me and I look into his beautiful green eyes, that show I can trust him, I grab hold of him and he pulls me up off of the floor. Im quickly yanked through the corridors of the dungeon, he knows this place well. We quickly slip behind a cold, rock wall “shh, stay low,” he pants at me quietly, trying to regain his breath and keeping an eye out for the cards. “SHE’S ESCAPED! CATCH HER!” I hear the cards scream at one another as they run past us trying to find me.

“Who are you,” I whisper to my saviour as we run through tunnels leading to a bright light. “Not the time, let’s just get out of here,” he says completely focused on which paths to take through the tunnels. “Uhmm ok, where are we going?” I ask curious and still shaking. “Well I don’t really know this land as well as the inside of this dungeon, sorry, I guess we will find out together,” he squeezes my hand tighter, which gives me a sense of security. “Almost out, those cards don’t know these tunnels, as well as me,” he then mumbles something under his breath “stupid, fucking, cards.” I stay quiet because I don’t want to anger him with more questions.

**** Authors Notes ****

I hope you all enjoy this fan fic, I thought it was a little different from the rest and with it being this setting anything can happen, like anything!

Has anybody guessed who the jailer is yet? And why he has saved Katy?

 Love you if you like xoxoxox

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