Where We Are

This second book to Partying, Tanning, and Daydreaming. If you haven't read the first book then you will be lost in this book. I hope everyone likes this book! Thank you for all the comments and likes ��
**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


2. Where Are You?

Hope's Pov...


I wake up and I suddenly forgot where I am.  

"Hey do you feel any better?"

"A-A little. Where am I?"

"Your at my house in Australia. I picked you from the airport and we ran from screaming fans. Ringing a bell?"

"Oh yea I remember."

"So what did you say your last name was?"


"Is your brother Nathan Sykes from the band The


"Yeah. That's my brother."

"That's cool! Do you need anything?"

"Um Some ibuprofen would be great. Please"

"Anything for you."

He winked at me and walked into the kitchen. I have known him less than 24 hours and he is being so sweet to me. I guess there are good guys out there. I reach for my bag and get my phone out. As soon as I grab my phone, it goes off. I look down and there is 20 missed calls from Harry, Liam and my brother. And I have over 30 text messages from those 3. Before I have a chance to look at anything Cody comes back into the room.

"Here you go. So why are you here in Australia, if I can ask?"

"Thank you. And me and my boyfriend broke up a few days ago... there was a huge fight between a few of us."

"Ohh... I'm sorry. Was your last boyfriend Harry Styles from One Direction?"

"Yeah that's him."

"Hey your nose is bleeding again!"

He runs and gets a paper towel. I tilt my head back to keep my nose from getting worse. He hands me the towel. My nose stops bleeding thank the lord. That was kinda embarrassing.

"Are you ok now?"

"Yea I'm ok. This happens a lot. Its from the fight I was in with my best friend, well my ex-best friend now. And I was in the hospital before I came here. They told me this would happen." 

"What!? Why!?! What happened between you too? If you don't mind me asking."

"Well...My boyfriend cheated on me with Amelia, my now ex-best friend. He kissed her. Then we had a cheerleading competition.Then a girl on our team named Sarah, that was both of ours friend, came into the room because she had to tell Amelia something."

"Wow. Continue"

"So Amelia didn't know that her boyfriend cheated on her the night before with Sarah. And he didn't tell her and I don't think he was going to tell her if I didn't make him and Sarah tell her right then. Then Amelia got really upset with him and Sarah and she broke up him. Then I starting yelling at her about kissing Harry. We went back to our hotel room and pretty much had a war with words. After we finished arguing, she climbed on me and started punching me in the face. Hard"

"So this all just happened in a week?"

"Yeah pretty much... Its just been a roller coaster ride ever since we met met One Direction."

"Oh I'm sorry. I'm not really sure what all happened to you or Amelia. But if you ever need anything tell me and I'll help. I have to go up for a little while but I'll be back soon."


We give each other smiles and he leaves the room. I remember my phone and all the missed calls and messages. So I look at my phone to see what Harry, Liam and Nathan wanted.


Amelia's Pov...


**Next Day**

I guess I slept all night. I wake up to the sun streaming in from the window. I can smell the ocean breeze. This is the life. I pick my phone and see 2 missed calls and a text from Siva. The text says, 



Hey I just wanted to check on you. Make sure your ok. I hope you finally got some good sleep. Lord knows you need it. Night xo

Aww thats was really sweet. I guess I should probably call him and tell him everything is ok. So I call him,


"Hey sorry I missed your calls. I fell asleep."

"Oh thats fine, don't worry. I glad you finally got to sleep. Are you ok?"

"Yea I'm good. What are you doing?"

"On the bus riding to the next venue."

"Oh cool. How was the concert last night?"

"It was bloody awesome! The fans are awesome."

"Good! Where is the next concert?"

"Its in Vegas!"

"Awesome! Just be careful in Vegas because a lot of things can happen there. The Hangover for instants."

"I know haha. I'll be fine. I have to worry about the other guys."

"Haha yea." 

"So what are you going to do today?"

"Probably call the airport to see if they ever found my luggage. And if not then I'll wear the clothes here."

"Ok well just in case, there is 500 dollars in a drawer next to the bed. I think thats where they said it was."

"Oh no I'm not going to take your money! I have my own."

"Ok but its there if you need it."

"Thank you Siva. Ok well I'm going to call the airport now so I'll talk to you later."

"Ok bye."


"I love you."

I hang up the phone really quick. Did he just say he loved me! Holy Shizballs!!! I don't even know how to react to that. I mean I knew Siva liked me but I didn't know he liked me so much that he loves me! And the weird thing is... I think I like Siva.  I'm not really sure though. He calls and text me just to ask how I'm doing and if I'm ok! He is so nice to me, he always has been nice to me. He really cares about me. He is a good listener too!! Before I met Niall, me and Siva were like 2 peas in a pod. We did pretty much everything together. Maybe he is the Irishman I'm suppose to fall for. I don't know. I just don't want my heart to get broken... again. This is so much to take in, I need to get this off my mind. I call the airport and they found my luggage and I can go get. I grab my purse and go to the garage. Which car would I like to drive today? Hmmm the Camaro!! Duh! I grab the keys and get in it. I start it up and it sounds so freaking awesome!! I don't know why I like cars so much but I just do. I wonder if my real dad liked cars? Maybe thats where I get. I drive to the airport and get my luggage.Since I'm in this amazing car I might as well go for a joy ride! So I find a back road where there are no cops and punch the gas pedal to the floor. 140 mph! This is the awesomest thing ever!! I love going fast!! I hear sirens start to go off behind me. I look in the mirror and see blue lights. Dammit! I pull over and the cop gets out of his car with his gun drawn.

"Get out of the car with your hands up."

Shit! I get out and the cop comes up to me and pushes me up against the car. He handcuffs me. Well how am I gonna explain this to Siva.

"May I ask why you are handcuffing me?"

"You were going over 140 mph. That is illegal in the state of California. You are going to jail."

He starts reading me my Miranda Rights and thats when I start to freak out! Shit! What am I going to do now! He puts me in the car and drives away from the car. 

"What about my car?"

"It will be impounded."

Dang it! We pull in the police headquarters and he gets me out of the car. As soon as he gets me out of the car all I see is flashing lights! The paps are everywhere. They are yelling stuff at me. How do they know already! The cop rushes me inside and puts me in a holding cell. He sits down at a desk and is filling out papers. 

"Is your name Amelia Sykes?"


"That explains what is going on outside."

"It should. Can I call someone? I'm aloud to have 1 phone call or at least thats what Law and Order says."

"No not yet."

The officer walks over and unlocks the cell takes me out and takes me to a room where I'm guessing you take your mug shot. Well damn! Now I have a record. Freaking ballsack!

"I take it this isn't the first time you have been in jail."

"2nd time. No proud of it either."

He hands me this sign and tells me to stand in front of the camera. 

"Stand still."

He clicks the camera and tells me to turn. I feel like a fugitive right now.


He take the sign and takes me back to the cell.

**4 hours later**

I guess I fell asleep. One of the cops opens the door and wakes me up.

"Hey get up someone is here to get you and your bail is paid."

Who in the hell would come and get me? And pay my bail? I didn't even call anyone. 

I walk out of the police station to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. (the best NASCAR driver to date) standing next to a big jacked up truck. He starts walking toward me. 

"Hi my name is...."

I interrupt him.

"You are Dale Earnhardt Jr.!! Oh My Gosh! You are the best driver!!"

"So you know who I am. That good now do you know why I'm here?"

"No I don't have a clue."

"I saw you driving that car. You were going pretty fast. And you had complete control of the car. Driving it like a pro."

"Oh thanks I guess?"

"There is going to be a race tomorrow, I would like you to come if you want. I want you to see what you could be doing."

"Hell yea I'll come! I have always wanted to go to a race! Wait what do you mean by 'what I could be doing'?"

"You'll have to find out."

"Ok. Omg I'm so excited! I can't believe I got to meet you!"

He holds his hand out and hands me the ticket. Its a all access pass! Holy crap this means I can go and do whatever I want! Yasssssss!

"By any chance were you the one who paid my bail?"

"Yea, see you tomorrow."

"Thank you so much!"

"Oh and here you might need these."

He tosses me car keys. I notice they are to the Camaro. He gets in his truck and leaves. I see the car sitting in a parking spot. I get in it and drive back to the house. I'm so excited about tomorrow now! I look at the ticket and the race is in Las Vegas. I might get to go see Siva while I'm here! I text Siva and tell him about what all happened. He wasn't to happy about me getting arrested but he was happy about me going to the race tomorrow. I guess I need to pick out my outfit for tomorrow. I can't wait!!


Nathan's Pov...


A lot has happened in a week. I went from having my sisters being best friends with 2 guys that loved them to everyone hating each other! Mom and Dad aren't going to be happy. I don't even know where Amelia is. Hope is in Australia with some guy! Harry calls me almost everyday asking where she is. My family fell apart because of freaking love! I don't even know what to do. I have tried to call Amelia but she won't answer. Hope won't answer either. I just hope they are ok. I have a bad feeling that Amelia is going to do something bad. The last time I saw her she was mobbing Hope and running out of the hotel room. I have never seen her get that mad. i'm so worried about both of them. I try to focus on the tour but its hard to. I think Siva has been talking to Amelia though. Everytime I see him he is texting or on the phone. I heard him say Amelia one time when he was on the phone. But he could have been talk to someone else. I don't know what to do anymore. Some how I have to get Amelia and Hope together some how some way. 


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