Where We Are

This second book to Partying, Tanning, and Daydreaming. If you haven't read the first book then you will be lost in this book. I hope everyone likes this book! Thank you for all the comments and likes ��
**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


1. Starting Over

 **Authors Note**

Hello everyone! We are finally posting some of the chapters on the second book of Partying, Tanning, and Daydreaming! If you haven't read the first book, you probably should or you will be completely lost. Sorry it has taken so long. We have been very busy the past year with school, sports, and just life to be honest. We are so happy about how well the first book did. Over 900 readers is amazing. Thank you so much for all the comments and reads! We hope you enjoy this book as much as the first one!




Hope's Pov...


"Now can you tell me your name?"

"I'm sorry but I'm still not going to tell you quite yet. I want to make sure your out of harms way before I tell you who I am."

"Oh ummm ok, now I'm kinda freaked out."

"I'm not going to hurt you or anything. Don't worry."

He grabs my hand unexpectedly. This kinda makes me feel like... like the way Harry made me feel when we close. I need to stop thinking about him so I can move on, if that's even possible...

"So I know you were dating Harry Styles but I never knew your name. Can you tell me?"

"Tell me yours first then you will get the pleasure of knowing my name."

"How about we start over."

He reaches his hand out and says,

"Hi, Im Cody, Cody Simpson."

Cody Simpson!! Omg! What! He is amazing! I shake his hand.

"My name is Hope."

"Well very nice to meet you."

"Same to you."

His smile is so beautiful. His eyes are ocean blue. He smiles at me and then winks at me. I don't know exactly what to think of that. He pulls me into a car and shuts the door. He gets in.

"So I have a question."

"And what would that question be?"

"Where are we going exactly?"

"Oh yeah. We are heading to my house. Oh and by the way, nice clothes."

"Oh um thank you.....I think?"

I'm wearing a tank top and shorts with flip flops. I must say I'm not looking the most stylist right now but I was in a hurry when I left home.

"It was a compliment. Sorry.."

"No its ok."

I smile at him and he seems to be a little relieved. I think he thought he had offended me. 10 minutes passed and we pulled into a driveway to a very nice house. I'm guessing this is Cody's house.

"We are here, but we seem to not be the only one here."

I look back and see paparazzi everywhere. Well great, looks like I'm going to be all over TV. He starts to pull his hoodie off and his shirt rides up a little to where you can see a little bit of a V. I thought I was going to die. It got extremely hot suddenly. He hands me the sweatshirt. 

"Here take this and try to hide your face. I don't want you to be all over the news tomorrow."

We get out of the car and I hear the paparazzi yelling at Cody and I. Who is she? Cody is that your new girl? What her name? Cody ignores it and so do I. I'm kinda used to it because of Harry....Harry.... why can't I just erase him from my mind. 

"Hey are you ok there??"

I hadn't even noticed we were in his house already. 

"Hmm.. Yeah I'm fine.. Why do you ask?"

"Because you look really pale and you don't look so good either."

"Oh well.. I just got out of the hospital yesterday..."

"What!! What the happened??"

"I'm not exactly ready to talk about yet."

"Oh... I'm sorry. I don't mean to be nosey."

"Nooo is ok."

"I'm gonna go get you some water. Sit down if you want to."

I go to walk over to the couch but I suddenly feel dizzy. Cody runs and catches me. He has strong arms. I feel safe in a way that I have never felt. He helps me over to the couch and he lays me down. 

"Here drink this."

I grab the glass from his hand and he goes down a hallway. He comes back with a blanket.

"Are you cold?"

"A little."

"You should probably rest."

He lays the blanket on me and then looks down into my eyes. He has a safe feeling. I can see in his eyes that he has been hurt before but he hides it well. He walks out of the room and I'm left there to swim in my thoughts racing through my mind. Thoughts of Harry and everything that happened. Maybe sleep will help. I start to doze off and soon enough I fall asleep.


Amelia's Pov...


"Everyone fasten your seat belt, We will be landing soon."

I fasten my seatbelt like I'm told. I'm happy that I might be meeting my real parents!! But at the same time I don't want to meet them. They left me and didn't care about me for 16 years! I just needed a reason to get away from all of that other crap and Niall. Niall.....I can't think about him anymore. He hurt me and ripped my heart apart! But now I'm gonna move on with my life. He makes me so mad that I can't even stand it. I just want to punch something! But whatever, lets see what song is next. Single Ladies by the best in the world Beyonce!! This is my jam!! And so true for me right now.

**1 hour later**

Finally they land this bitch! I have been sitting beside a whale the whole flight! And he snored like a damn bear! This flight couldn't have been any longer. I am pushing past people to get to baggage.

I get to the baggage claim to get my bags but it looks like someone beat me to it. Somebody took my bags! Everything is gone! All my clothes...everything! Well fuck a duck! I go to the desk and ask if maybe my stuff was still in Florida but the lady said it arrived here. Shit! Nothing is going right! I at least I have my purse with all the important stuff in it. I walk out of the airport and get a taxi, I give him the address and then we're off. I look out the window the whole time, taking pictures of the city. Holy shizballs! Who would have ever thought that my ass would be in Los Angeles! This is my city! I love it here already! Everything is huge. I though Louisville was as big as it gets but man was I wrong. But then the cab driver turns down a road and I suddenly feel as if I should have a gun handy. I'm in the bad part of LA I think. This place is a little sketchy. I feel so out of place. 

"Are you sure this is the right way?"

"Do I look stupid to you! I going the right way so shut up and quit being a backseat driver!"

Well damn! You mad bro? Great the cab driver is a bitch on his man period! Good lord! I can't seem to get away from assholes. He pulls into a driveway. I guess this is it. I get out and look at the house. It looks like a house that has a meth lab or something. Maybe even grow weed. Oh god what have I got myself into.

"By chance do you have a gun?"

"No dumb ass crack head! Give me the money!"

I give him 20 bucks and he speeds off like a zombie was chasing him. I shake my head and walk up to the front door. Before I can even knock on the door a lady in her mid 40's opens the door.

"Oh my shit! Are you Amelia?"

"Yea are you Marlie?"

"Yes....Bob!!!!!! Come here! She's here."

"Don't yell at me bitch!"

I know the look on my face said everything I wasn't because she gave me a weird look in return. I am officially at the circus right now like what the hell. He sounds like an asshole. I look and see a big bruise on Marlie's neck. Has to be from him. If he touches me he will lose an arm.

"Well bring her in here, Cops ride by here and I don't want them to find out."

"May I ask what would the cops find out?"

He grabs my arm and pulls me in the house and throws me on the couch. This bitch! I will mess his ass up if he touches me again. The inside of the house is horrid. The walls are almost black and there are burns on the furniture. It stinks so bad! Someone needs Stanley Steamer. No Extreme Home Makeover! 

"Well no reason to keep secrets. We make and sell drugs along with other things."

He winks at me and I suddenly feel the need to scream bloody murder. He best not try nothing with me I swear. I will throw hands with this dude!

"It pays the bills and honey we are so sorry we haven't been able to see you in a while."

"Try 16 years."

"Well listen here smart ass. I am your father and you will not talk to your mother or me that way."

"Bob please be nice to your daughter. After all she is our only child and she is the only one to help us."

He rolls his eyes at her and says something under his breath. I can't tell what he said but it wasn't good whatever it was cause Marlie looked at him with a glare.

"Sorry for being so rude. Make yourself at home."

"Actually I'm going to go and meet a friend that I have here. So bye."

"No your not. You have stuff to do here and..."

Before he can say anything else I run out the door and down the street faster than a horse running 90! I hear Bob running after me.

"Come back here you stupid little bitch! If you tell anyone about this I'll kill you!!"

Lord these people need help. That was crazy. I am much fast than him so naturally I make it out of sight before he can find me. I run behind a building and I get out my phone and call Siva.

"Hey! Are you ok?"

I start to cry.

"No...I hate this! Someone stole my luggage from the airport and the cab driver was an asshole. I went to my supposed parents house and they sell freaking DRUGS!! Drugs Siva!! And the house was so bad and creepy. It was in downtown LA and I didn't have a gun. The guy grabbed me a throw me down on the couch. They wanted me to sell drugs!!!  There is no way those are my real parents! I can't be the product of freaking crackheads. LA hasn't worked out like i want it to. I'm lost and I have no idea where I am. Siva I am scared."

"It's ok calm down. Breath Amelia, I'm so sorry that all that happened. Where are you?" 

"I don't know. Somewhere in downtown LA! I'm walking down this street that I think the cab driver took to get to this place. I'm like looking everywhere. I feel like I'm gonna get attacked at any moment."

"It's ok I'm here. I'm gonna stay on the phone as long as I can."

"Thank you Siva."

"No Problem. Do you see any cabs anywhere or can you call and get one?"

"I don't see any and I don't have that number."

"Ok well keep walking till you come to a store or something."

"Ok I see a little store just up here."

"Ok good. Where are you going to stay?"

"I have no clue. I haven't really thought that far yet."

"Ok you can stay at our house. There is clothes there you can wear. I have to go, about to go on stage but text me when you get there. Here is the address. I have to go bye."

"Ok thank you so much bye!"

I write the address down and then this car pulls up to the curb.

"Hey baby, How you doing?"

You have got to be kidding me!!

"I'm not a fucking prostitute!!! Go away or I'll kick all the windows in!!"

The guy says something and drives away quickly. I'm not even wearing provocative clothes!! I see a cab and I pretty much run out in the street to get the cab drivers attention. I get in and tell the guy the address. Lucky its not the same guy.

**30 minutes later**

The driver pulls into the driveway, I feel like I'm a billionaire. This house is huge! Now this is what I'm talking about! I pay the driver and run to the door. I find the spare key and I open the door. HOLY SHIZBALLS!!!!! This is the best house I have ever seen!!!



I love the house!! Its the bomb.com!! Thank u so much!xxxx



I'm glad u like it! Call u after the show. xx

Its time to explore this house. First the kitchen, HUGE with tons of food!! The livingroom is awesome! I run and plop down on the hugh couch and its like landing on a cloud. Massive TV on the wall! I look out the back door and see a pool with a slide!! A SLIDE!! Could this get any better! I walk out on the deck and the best part is, THE BEACH IS IN THE BACKYARD!! Sand and beautiful blue water. Like Niall's eyes...Ugh I have to stop thinking about him! I go upstairs to the bedrooms. There is 5 bedrooms! I go to the master bedroom. Giant bed with a balcony looking out at the ocean. The bathroom is every girls dream! An old timey bathtub that is so amazing and a walk in shower. Tons of counter space for makeup and really anything!! I look in the closet and its full of girls clothes. Weird...but who cares! This is some really expensive stuff! Gucci, Prada, pretty and big designers. This is stuff Kim Kardashian would wear which is fabulous! I go back down stairs to the garage to see what other surprises there is. And boy what a surprise this is! A black Land Rover and my dream car a black Chevy Camaro convertible!!! OH MY GOD!! What is this life! I'm so glad I came to LA now! Now I'm waiting for Channing Tatum to jump out from somewhere!

Well this has been while  day from dealing with Shamu the whale on the plane to drug dealers! I'm so tired, so I walk upstairs to the master bedroom and go find some more comfortable clothes. Sweatpants and a t-shirt. Score! I run and jump on the bed landing on my back. This bed is amazing! I get under the covers and start to fall asleep.

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