The Beginning

In the beginning their relationship was at it's climax. They started off deeply in love, but that's not always a good thing. Things start moving rather quickly, to quickly. That's when things go down hill... Frankie has no idea what to do with the baby either, maybe abortion would solve all of her problems, or will it?

Started [12-29-13]


13. Chapter Twelve

I get up slowly and head towards the door. Doug gives me that boyish smile that I'd grown to love. Once I get to the door I stand there with a bored expression on my face. "Your service is not needed here" I slam the door in his face and walk away.

Another knock is heard across the room, so I go back over to it.

"I'll let you handle this. I'll be upstairs if you need me," Carson says as he heads up the stairs quickly.

I pull open the door again, and give him a nasty look. Why does he think that he can just show up? This is not how it works.

"Look. Just listen to me, please," he begs.

"Hm," I huff while rolling my eyes in his direction.

"Frankie," his hand slides behind his neck as he starts.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't handle the fact-"

"I don't want to hear your problems," I spit out.

"Sorry. I just, couldn't handle the fact of-" he pauses," being a father at this age."

"I don't think it was that. It was that you cheated on me too," I say as I remember the note I found laying around.

"How did you-"

"Thanks for admitting it. I found a letter that you were writing with her in your bathroom, secrets are really kept in there eh?" I interrupt. "do you think you can just run back here to me? What, did she break it off with you? Huh? Did you just now accept that you were going to be a dad? What? Were you afraid of letting go of your teenage years? Have you even looked at my side of the story? I'm the one who's keeping the baby inside me, you can let go so easily but I can't!" I stop as I have realized what I just said.

I've rejected my baby once again. I don't deserve to be a mom do I?

"I broke it off with her. I love y-"

"Stop. Please. I don't want to hear that right now," I fill the water rising to my eyes. I clench my fist hard to make sure I don't burst.

"Frankie.. I want to be a dad. I understand now. I want to be with you. I don't want anything else but you and our baby. We can raise it together," he pleaded.

I hear thumps from behind me, and I turn quickly around just to find Carson staring over at me. He slides into the position beside me, and glances between me and Doug.

"Sorry man, but your a little to late. Me and Frankie are together now," Carson stares over at Doug's shocked face, his eyes giant, and his jaw dropped.

We're together? Why didn't I know this, or is this so that Doug can't have me back? Wait, does Carson like me, or is it.. What is it? I guess my real question is, do I agree?

"Y-You what!" Doug says, while rising his voice.

"Yeah. Carson has been a really big help through all of this. He's been great," I say trying not to push it too hard.

Carson throws his arm around me glaring at his ex-best friend. "Sorry man she is too special to give up." My heart flutters when he says that. I look at Doug's shocked face as I close the door.

I turn towards Carson with a confused look, still wondering about the whole 'we're together' part.

"Sorry I couldn't officially ask you-" Carson starts," I knew that would make him stop talking, and coming back, so."

"It's fine," I smile as I go in for a hug. He quickly engulfs me into his arms, and squeezes, maybe to tightly for my liking and baby.

 "Carson-" I whisper unable to breathe.

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry!" he panics as he quickly puts a hand on my stomach.

I roll my eyes "Stop being so dramatic. You're acting like were in a soap opera."

"You're a soap opera" he mumbles failing to make a comeback.
I give him a blank stare at the horrible attempt.

I walk back to the couch and sit down with a huff. 

"I'm sorry-"

"Stop" I interrupt him. "Lets not talk about it okay?"

"Fine. But no that he thinks that we are dating we have to make it believable. He is going to be watching us more closely to make sure were not faking."

"But we are faking" I point out.

"But he doesn't know that" he smiles giving me a friendly hug.


I wake up early in the morning with my back aching. It has been four months since I became pregnant. School has been tough, but not as tough as it been with my parents. They are paying more attention to me and have been giving me more sympathy which is odd. They have grown to like Carson even more since he has been keeping Doug away from me. My mom has been trying to interact with me more by showing me baby names and baby boards on Pinterest. My mom seems to light up whenever she sees me. However, my dad is still mad. You can tell another baby in his life is his worst nightmare, but there's no going back anymore. I've decided on keeping him whether they like it or not. He's kind of my decision, my property in a sense.

I reach for my phone, looking at the time. I realize it's 1:00 in the morning. I yawn and close my eyes once more. Sleep has been hard on me due to the baby kicks I have been getting. I only have one more month until I get to find out what the gender is. I'm excited but scared. I think about possible names before I drift off into a deep slumber.


"Hey" I hear a soft voice "Frankie"

"Mmhm" I mumble cuddling up in my blankets again.

"It's time to get up" a low, husky voice says that sounds like Carson's.

"No" I rub my eyes and look up at the person who rudely woke me up from my deep sleep. My eyes focuses on the person confirming my prediction. I sigh "What time is it anyway?"


"What!" I gasp grabbing my alarm clock not happy with the result. "You moron its three in the morning! What are you doing here!" I hiss.

Carson chuckles "You didn't even realize it's dark out."

"What are you doing here?" I ask again. "My parents might see you."

He shakes his head. "They went to their friends house for the next week? Don't you remember? They left at midnight. They called me to keep an eye on you."

"What do they think I'm going to do? Rob a store of all their diapers?"

He laughs once again. "I don't know but I'm here to stop you if you do."

I roll my eyes why cuddling up in my blankets once again but soon enough the blankets were ripped off of me revealing my Pokemon pajamas.

Carson whistles is a joking matter. "Sexy"

"Shut up. It's the only thing that feels comfortable."

"Someones being extra sassy today"

"Are you going to tell me why my blankets are on the floor?"

"We are going out" he decides tossing me a yellow dress.

"Uh no we are not" I remark grabbing my blankets and laying back down.

"Frankie" Carson whines in a unattractive way. "Fine" he says frustrated. I smile to myself as I see him walk away. Finally peace and quiet. I think to myself but soon enough I hear him return.

 Maybe if I pretend to sleep he will go away. 

"We are going to do this the hard way"

The hard way...? Just as I completed my thought Carson dumps an ice cold cup of water on me. I jolt up in my bed. "You are so dead" I growl.

"Oh shit. Shit's about to go down." Carson says in low voice as he charges out of my room. I chase after as fast as I'm able to with my baby bump. I turn around the corner and I glance around my dark house for him. 

"Gotcha" Carson laughs as he picks me up bridal style down the stairs. "We never got to celebrate your birthday with everything that has been going on."

I sigh "That was over two months ago." 

"So? We are celebrating it right now"


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