The Beginning

In the beginning their relationship was at it's climax. They started off deeply in love, but that's not always a good thing. Things start moving rather quickly, to quickly. That's when things go down hill... Frankie has no idea what to do with the baby either, maybe abortion would solve all of her problems, or will it?

Started [12-29-13]


4. Chapter Three

It feels like a few minutes, but actually it's been an hour when the nurse wakes me up, and I see my parents staring at me from the other side of the room.

I see them as I get sick again I pick up the trash can next to me and I throw up in it.  I shiver and I put on Doug's navy blue Cross Country Hoodie he had set next to me to wear. "Thank-you Ms." my parents finally speak. "We told her to stay home today" my mom fakes a motherly smile looking up from her phone completely missing that I threw up.

"I agree" the nurse winks at me. She knows all about my annoying parents. I may or may not of ranted about them countless times when I went to school sick.

"Comon Frankie" my dad looks at his brand new watch. He has a look in his brown eyes that screams not patient.  They wait for me to make my way across the small room. As soon as I make out the little wooden door my mom grabs my arm in a tight grasp and marches through the crowded hall.

"I cannot believe you young lady!" I look at her shocked "Faking sick to the poor nurse so you can go home to your boy toy" she sneers waving her hands around in the air. Kids were staring at my parents wide eyed and bushy tailed.

I have no time to react to what she says because my stomach churns and I throw up all over my moms favorite red pair of shoes. "Sorry" I say meekly. Even tough I was mentally high diving myself for throwing up on my mom.

"UGH" she shrieks. Causing everyone in a ten mile radius to stare at us.

"You there" my dad points at Carson. "Take her home" he yanks the keys out of my hand and hands them to Carson.

"Uhh yes Sir," he says nervously.

My dad pushes me towards him lightly, not hard enough to hurt me, but hard enough that I smash into Carson. Doug is really going to love this. Carson looks over at me with that same flirty smile from lunch, really? Are you serious.

"Come on. Just get in the car. I'd rather not be killed by your parents," he says as we get to the car.

"I'd rather you get killed," I snicker.

"Your so feisty. I kinda like it."

He comes much closer, to close that I don't approve of. His hand makes it's way up to my cheek, I can't move. His touch is so gentle and smooth, hard to resist, but I know its the right thing to do. I smack it away before he can continue on.

"Why doesn't Doug see that your trying to steal his girlfriend?" I ask.

"I'm not 'stealing' you. I'm borrowing," his lips whisper in my ear.

My eyes want to close, to just give in to his words. I cant. No, I'm with- my stomach twists in a knot again. He notices and pulls away, probably doesn't want to end up like my mom. He points to the passengers seat without any speech, and jumps into the driver seat. I walk my way over to the other side and get in.

We drive in silence, either of us wanting to say anything. The radio is lightly playing some county song. A part of me wants to turn it up to break the silence, even though I'm not a huge fan of country.The other part of me thinks its better quiet. I hold my stomach while looking out the window until the street becomes familiar. Whenever the car stops in my driveway he looks over at me. His voice rings in my head again, "I'm not 'stealing' you. I'm borrowing." I shake my head and get out of the car before he can try anything stupid.

"Want me to make you some chicken soup?" He asks he voice now soft and gentle.

I shake my head no and give him a small smile. I walk away from the his car door towards my house.


"Yeah?" I turn around

"You know I was joking about the whole borrowing thing" he scratches the back of his head. "You know I'm not like that...right?"

I roll my eyes "I know, you have your squeaky clean image."

He gasps "I do not!"

"You never miss a day for school... With an exception for today, always do your homework, all of the teachers adore you, you're on the honor role, you don't drink or some, you-"

"Okay okay I'm a Goodie Goodie but don't tell anyone"

"Like I have to" I roll my eyes and walk to my door once more.

"Oh and Frankie?"

"Yes?" I turn around once more

"How am I going to get home?"

Realization sunk in realizing it was my car."You live next door! Walk"

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