Bad Boy


2. The Day goes on.

Courtney's p.o.v

It's the sans day. *bell* I'm at my locker talking to my Bestfriend Lauryn. She loves Harry and she's quite upset that he "fell" for me. I didn't believe it really. Harry and I are in all the same classes which is kinda weird. We has art class now. Teacher- "Good morning class." (Does roll) Lauryn sits on 1 side of me and Harry sits on the other side. Wtf is he thinking. He can't really love me! Besides I'm in a relationship!! That's was really awkward. But I guess it's kinda good because my boyfriend Tyler is on a holiday. He's in Australia right now. It's so cool. Teacher- "I want you guys to pick a partner to do a 2 week project with!" He said it so loud. I felt like saying shut up!! But I was the "good girl" I had good grades, good friends, was always nice and caring towards others, was kinda quiet at school. I guess I was a nerd. IM A NERD!!! No no no. I don't have glasses. I'm not smart at EVERYTHING. I'm terrible at math. I'm really bad at science. I'm more of a social than academic. I hate school. The only good part about school is when the cheerleaders talk to me. Lauryn is part of the cheer team. No offence to my bestie but she's not flexible all she does is stands at the back. I feel bad for her. I'm really flexible. I can do backflips and back handsprings. Even aerials. It's not fair. But I heard she's going to get kicked out and get replaced. I didn't want to tell her. She is going through some tough time with family. I kept thinking about my partner. Lauryn pared up the Megan which is my our other bestie. But Lauryn and I are more close to each other. Harry looked at me. I could feel his eyes looking at me. That bad boy stared at a good girl (me) but why? He can't ask- "Courtney. Want to be partners?" Harry said to me so British and beautiful. I turned and faced him. I looked in his light but dark green eyes. He smiled at me when I turned around. "Um I'm not sure Harry." I wanted to say no. "C'mon Courtz." Don't call me Courtz. My thoughts said. "Fine." I said to him. We started our projects next week and have to finish them by 2x Mondays. I didn't really pay attention to what my teacher was saying. *bell* student- SEEYA BITCH!" And he ran out the door. Lauryn and Megan were gonna go talk about the project and what they were going to do it on. It had to be creative and smart. Harry was still in the classroom, Waiting for me at the door. He smirked at me. Whyyyyyy??????. I walked through the door then he grabbed my arm. After he shut the classroom door. "Ouch! Let go Harry." I said to him. I was angry. Why the BEEP does someone do that. I don't swear. My parents don't like swearing around the house so it affects me around school. I feel like my parents are around so I play it safe. "Haha. Sorry Courtz." "Don't call me Courtz Harry. Just stop acting dumb. Why are you always near me. At the start of the year You didn't even know my name. You just made fun of me because on my 1st day of school, I slipped in mud. That made me feel like shit." I didn't care that I swore. Okay maybe I did. But not as much. My parents weren't around anyway so. Ya. "Ooo. Good girl turns bad. Good job." I'm not going bad what the hell. "Bad? No I'm not. 1 little word doesn't change someone Harry." And i started to walk off. He walks after me. I walk through the halls to my locker. "STOP FOLLOWING ME!! I DONT LIKE YOU HARRY. YOUR SUCH AN IDIOT!! IM NOT GOING TO DATE YOU COZ IM IN A RELATIONSHIP!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. YOUR NOT MY FRIENDS AND NEVER WAS!!!!!! JUST STOP!!" I screamed. I felt so fucked off. He was pissing me off. He followed me. Kissed me. Everything. I wanted him to stop. Tyler wouldn't be happy. What?!! I get a text from Tyler. It says

¢συятиєу. уσυ нανє тαкєи ¢αяє σf мє. ℓσνє∂ мє. єνєяутнιиg. ιм мσνιиg тσ αυѕтяαℓια αи∂ ιм αfяαι∂. ωє αяє ∂σиє. נυѕт ѕαу тσ ρєσρℓє уσυ вяσкє υρ ωιтн мє αи∂ ιℓℓ ѕαу тσ ρєσρℓє уσу вяσкє υρ ωιтн мє αѕωєℓℓ. 😘 ℓσνє∂ уα ℓσтѕ. χσχ



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