You Make Me Strong

Freaks. Strange. Mistakes.
That's what Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles are called everyday.
You see, they're not normal, when they were younger a scientist kidnapped them. He gave each one a different potion and they all ended up with different powers.
Ever since that night, each of the boys have had to put up with their powers, they no longer have friends, or family since they deserted them.
But what happens when the world needs them?
Will they forgive the people that hurt them?


4. Chapter 4~On The Run

Louis stood up and closed his eyes.

"You only have a few minutes," He said whilst keeping his eyes closed. The other boys ran around and packed their things.

"Is there nothing we can do to stay here?" Niall whined and Zayn shook his head.

"No, If I change us all, we will get arrested for trespassing and if they find us here, they'll shoot and say it was self defense," Zayn muttered. The police hated the boys, partly because the boys had more power. The police could shoot as many bullets as they could but Louis Tomlinson could freeze time, Niall Horan could erase any memory he wanted, Zayn Malik could hurt others just by looking at them, Harry Styles could run faster then anyone else and he had super strength and Liam Payne could heal the boys if the police were lucky enough to shoot one of them.

"Guys, not much longer," Louis pleaded. His whole body felt heavy except for his head, he was very lightheaded.

You see, Louis could only freeze time for a small amount of time, Niall could only erase things that happened whilst he was alive, Zayn could only cause so much pain before it started to hurt him, Harry got tired easily, after ten miles of running and Liam could only heal certain wounds, but the police didn't know that.

They thought these boys were unstoppable.

"Okay, bags are packed, there is nothing left in here that shows we stayed overnight," Harry informed the rest of the group.

"As soon as I move we have to be fast," Louis whimpered and the boys all nodded.

"Okay, 1.. 2.. 3.." Harry called out. The boys began to run as Harry scooped up Louis and carried him out. Louis wasn't strong enough to run for himself and Harry, being the strongest and the fastest knew that he had to do it. The boys could hear the sirens, the boys could hear the shouting, the boys could hear each others hearts beating louder and faster.

"Guys, we should walk now," Liam suggested, he knew that Niall was lagging behind and so was Zayn. Harry slowed down and put Louis down.

"Can you walk now, Lou?" He asked him quietly and Louis nodded.

"So what are we going to do?" Zayn muttered.

"Hide in the woods until the world stops being a dick?" Louis suggested.

"What if, in the future the world needs us?" Niall questioned. "Would we help?"

"Of course, not everyone hates us," Liam explained. Niall nodded and smiled a sad smile.

"Maybe we could find a service station and get a room for the night at a bed and breakfast or something?" Louis spoke quietly. The other boys agreed so they carried on walking.

A couple of hours later they found what they were looking for, a Travelodge. Zayn quickly morphed all the boys faces and they made their way to the reception desk.

"Can we get a room please?" Harry asked and the lady nodded.

"Are you travelling?" She quizzed as she tapped on her keyboard.

"She's worried that there's five of us," Niall muttered into Liam's ear.

"How do you know?"

"I don't know, I just read her," He replied.

"Yeah, on our way to London," Liam grinned.

"Oh right, I have a room here with a double bed and two sets of bunk beds," The lady smiled. "It's £75 though, the biggest room we have," She added.

"Did she buy it?" Liam whispered into Niall's ear.

"Yeah," He responded.

"We'll take it," Zayn nodded and handed the lady the money. The boys climbed up the stairs and eventually found their room. It was quite large but at the same time, cosy. They all decided that Harry and Louis would share the double bed, Liam and Niall would take both the top bunks and Zayn would sleep on the bottom bunk under Liam.
"So what's with the rings?" Louis asked Zayn.
"If we all wear them, even if we're morphed, we will know who's who," Zayn muttered. "It was just an idea,"

"It's a good idea," Niall said loudly, Zayn smiled at him.
"So what's next?" Harry asked.
"I don't know, we can't hide forever," Liam whispered, causing all the boys to fall silent.

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